What is are Virtual Races? I know… Virtual Zombies Watch Out

virtual races
Zombieween 5K

Virtual Races are my new go to race. When I saw this, I got super excited.  Why? I like running.  I like medals.  I like a good charity event.  But I absolutely love zombies.

Before I get into this actual event, I wanted to share my virtual race journey with you…..  Well there really isn’t much of a journey because I have never done one. I was actually in the stages of orgainzing a company run, which by the way was virtual.  It didn’t happen because I quit and came back to states.

I was disappointed about that.  I suppose I could have still participated myself, but I was traveling a bit. Now days I’m back into running.  What keeps me running is having some kind of a race to run.  I ‘ve only done the Disney 1/2 Marathon this year and really would like to get more races under my belt for 2013.

Virtual Race FAQ:

What is a Virtual Race?  Well virtual races are basically what the name implies.  They are not physically anchored to one location.  Virtual races, depending on the planner have their own rules which are simple and super easy to follow.

  • They can be run from any location, you choose.
  • The distances are specified and you pick the one you want to do.  That could include 5K, 10K, 1/2 and whole marathons.
  • Some virtual races include race bids, finishing tapes, and they even issue medals to finishers.
  • How do you prove you did it?  Well the rules may state that you have to take a picture of the readout from your favoriet running watch.  Some virtual races (most) hold you ,the honest runner, to the honors system.
  • The cost are minimum and usually the proceeds benefit a charity.
  • There are usually date ranges for which you will have to run any of the many virtual races out there. This can include a deadline to submit your proof if required.
  • Normally, you run these virtual races at your own pace.
Virtual Races
BrainsGiving 10K

OK, so back to this particular event.  Well there are actually 3 events that span the holiday season.  I like that.  I don’t know about you, but I love to eat.  :)  So this will be my motivation to run and run some more. :) These are the two I think, I’m gonna run.

[box style=”light-gray” ]Two Events: Zombieween 5K & BrainsGiving 10K – Save $10  (This info is straight from the event sponsors site & No I’m not getting a thing out of it)  😎

One registration to the ZombieWeen 5K and one registration for the BrainsGiving 10K, both to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Includes personalized bib for each event and professionally crafted finishers medals upon completion of chosen distance. (Personalized bibs: if registered before 9/29/13 and based on the first name listed on each registration – if you want something unique put it in the “first name” section, after 9/29/13 you will still receive a bib but it wont be personalized)


Virtual Races
Season’s Eatings 12K

There is one more in this virtual racing series and that is Season’s Eating.  You can go to the actual site and take look yourself.  Personally, I’m all in.  http://zombiefun.eventbrite.com/

I attempted to get a discount for those that would like to join me.

Here’s the organizations response.

Please use code EB37 For $7 off the ALL 3 Event registration and code EB15 For $5 off any other registration.  These will be limited to the first 25 people to use them (each).

Thank you for supporting us and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Please do follow us on Facebook at Virtually Awesome Races.


Shari and Laura

Zombies are so cool. I don’t like to be scared so virtual zombies are right up my alley.  I hope you all will join me.

Your Running From (or towards) the Zombies Lizzy

Virtual Races Questions:

Have you ran a virtual race before?

Do you plan on signing up?

What is appealing to you about virtual races?

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