FD237 – Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique Photo, Situations From the Ordinary

Unique Photo
Having Fun with Our New Veggie

I subscribe to the The Daily Post blog.  There are always great learning tools and challenges to keep your mind sharp when it comes to blogging.  If you are a blogger you should check it out. One of my goals for this year was to accept and take on some of these challenges.

This weeks photo challenge, which is every Friday was to talk about the uniqueness of a photo/image.  That gave me a great opportunity to go back through my photos and reminisce.  I take some pretty good pictures if I do say so myself.

I love the featured photo, because it embodies what my work life is here in Afghanistan is like on most days.  Fun!  :)  We have a lot of fun.

Here is what I consider to be unique about the photos in this post.  First there are three nationalities represented in the photo.  US, Kenyan & Afghan.  We all have different cultural norms and values, yet we all work well together and as a team.  Afghans get a bad wrap, but some of them are really good people.


Unique Photo
Enjoying My Cucumber

I’m not saying we don’t clash sometimes, but we all have great work ethics.  That makes the hectic work environment not so bad.  I’m always willing to taste new foods here also.  You can’t go wrong when it comes to a veggie for me.

Unique Photo
Afghanistan Cucumber

I know you were wondering what the heck that thing was.  The guy in the above picture brought in an Afghanistan Cucumber.  It taste just like any other cucumber.  It just looks different.  I love trying different foods, but you have to be careful what you try here.  I don’t want to upset my delicate lotus blossom tummy.  :)

If you are a blogger you should check out The Daily Post because this post was inspired by this weeks photo challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

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Unique Photo Questions:

What’s Unique about your photos?

Would you try a foreign food?


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    Hi Liz! I found while browsing the HLB community and I agree bloggers shouldn’t apologize for taking breaks. I’m new in blog world and I would never commit to posting daily with my full time job. I can’t even imagine having a family & doing it. Anyhow, glad to find you. I’m following now after hanging out for a while this morning. I’m all about healthy living/fitness and I love to travel. I’m very impressed with your working arrangements. Thank you so much for that. I admire your courage. This picture is awesome. I’m following daily post now as well. I wasn’t aware that virtual races existed but it’s a cool idea. I’m sure you could get creative and host your own. Good luck with that and Congrats on the Disney race and all your blog awards at the end of last yr. hope we can be friends.


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