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Virtural Races I was trying to figure out the best way to approach this subject of virtual races.  There are so many ways to be kinder to the planet.  Some people are already being kinder by just being practical and they may not even know it.

I have been looking feverishly for virtual races.  In case your are new to the LizForADay community you may not know that I work on a military base in Afghanistan.  It is a very small base so running is a challenge.  Forget about running events.  There are a few but not enough to make this runner happy.

In an attempt to run more for 2013 I wanted to have some races.  My bright idea was to run some virtual races.  I didn’t even know what a virtual race was until last summer.  Even then I didn’t pay that much attention to them when I ran across them during my veracious blog reading.

Virtual Races

In case you don’t know virtual races are basically races without a physical location.  Participants pick there own venues such as a treadmill in their home, a running trail in their community or where ever.  Most of the time there are charities involved to give donations to and sponsors who contribute swag for the participants in some form.

I am looking for suggestions.  I even thought of hosting my own virtual event, but I can’t figure out how to organize one.  If anyone can point me in the right direction, I will love you forever.

Virtual Races

With that said how can virtual races save the planet.  Well think about it.  You don’t have to fly or dive anywhere.  I just flew almost 8000 miles to the Disney 1/2 Marathon for the Walt Disney World 20 Anniversary Race Weekend.  That was only one way.  Yeah, I got a lot of sky miles.  How much gas, fuel emissions, pollution in the air do you think that poured into the atmosphere.  I guarantee you it was too much, I’m sure of it.

I did however drive my Toyota Prius to the event.  So I saved some carbon emissions from not flying in the air.  I guess I saved a leaf or two.  :)  Here is a link to some eco-friendly transportation  solutions.

There is no way I can not fly from Afghanistan to the states for every race of course.  I suppose I could take a very slow boat but that wouldn’t be practical at all.  Sometimes you can’t get around being a eco-pig.   Hee..Hee :)

 Virtual Races
Soap Box Sunday

Stepping off my soap box.  Hey let me know if you have any suggested virtual runs. I will keep you in the loop on my virtual race quest.

Your Soon to Be Virtual Running Lizzy :)

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Virtual Races Question:

Have you ever participated in a virtual race?

Have your ever organized a virtual race?


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      It is like the hidden gem of the running community. I think it will be a great way to keep me running, that is by having a goal. That’s if I can find one to commit to. :) Good to see you Carrie.

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