Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia
The Lotus at a Lotus Pond

Bali Indonesia is such a perfect place to go on vacation.  Words can not explain.  I took the time to document almost every aspect of this vacation.  I plan to make a fact sheet for anyone that would like to go there.  I think I have a tone of information to share.

Bali Indonesia
Hindu Temple

I chose Bali Indonesia for my vacation spot, to put it simply, because it was on my bucket list of places to go.  Who would not want to experience a country steeped in culture and religion, not to mention to witness the natural beauty that is everywhere you look.

Bali Indonesia
Traditional Bali Dance

I began planning my trip a couple of months before I actual was to fly and I was good to go.  Here are a few tips you should know before you go.

Bali Indonesia
Bali Woman going to make offering.

Bali Indonesia Tips….

1. Make sure you have enough passport visa pages before you leave.  You must have at least 5 pages to fly in and out of Bali Indonesia & most countries for that fact.

2. Take a surge protector with you.  It will come in handy if you have a lot of gadgets to plug in.  This way you will not have to worry about an adapter.  The voltage is 240 there so remember that an adapter will only change the plug not the voltage.  You will need some type of transformer for that.

3. Take a small flash light with you so you can check the bed for bed bugs.

4. Every price can be negotiated in Bali Indonesia, so hone up on your haggling skills.  You can get the best deals if it is slow season.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want.  The Bali people are extremely accommodating.

6. Be extremely careful of exchange services.  They are notorious for cheating travelers.  I relied on my driver to take me to a reputable establishment. FYI the larger the bill you are exchanging the better the rate you will get.

7.  Every driver will tout the fact that they can show you the real Bali.  Go with whom you get a good feeling about.  I met my drive while walking & it turned out to be a great friendship. Do negotiate the price of each trip in advance & only pay what you deem as a fair price.  Remember you are dealing with extremely poor people, so don’t be super cheap.  These people rely on us tourist to make a living.

8. Don’t drink the water from the tap.  You run the risk of getting sick.  You can get bottled water on any corner.  You accommodations will most likely give you a couple of small bottles daily.

I will be sure to post more tips as I remember them.  Until then check all the related archive post for my Bali Indonesia vacation.

Your Relaxed Lotus Lizzy :)