Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park
Arriving in Nelsprit to go to Kruger

Kruger National Park was actually my second stop on my South African tour in 2007.  I stayed there for six amazing days at a small guest house outside of Kruger called Momath Park.  The name of the place was Bushwise Safari Lodge. From here I met some great people there from Brazil, Belgium and England.  We had dinner every night outside and we normally had some animals visiting with us.

Kruger National Park
This is one of the little critters, a Bush Baby, that came to visit at diner.

Short story…One night while we were eating a Zebra just walked in to the enclosure where we were having dinner.  He took a look around and then left.  What a beautiful animal.  Zebras are a lot bigger that I had imagined.

I went on two safaris and saw all of the big five.

Kruger National Park
1 of the big 5 game animals, a Lion.
Kruger National Park
2 of the big 5 game animals, and elephant.
Kruger National Park
3 of the big 5 game animals, a buffalo.
Kruger National Park
4 of the big 5 game animals, a Leopard.
Kruger National Park
5 of the big 5 game animals, the Rhinoceros.

The best time of the year is during the spring. I went in September which was the perfect time to go.  The weather was mildly cool, the bush was low and I did not get bit once by any mosquitos.  Apparently the animals felt the same way about the weather because they were all out ready to take pictures.

Kruger National Park
Multi-Colored Bird

South Africa has the most variety of different species of birds in the world.  I did not know God made so birds that were so muti-colored.  Amazing.

Kruger National Park
Ran across a heard of Zebras.

I also did not realize that there were so many species of animals that lived together in harmony.  Humans should take a page out of there books.

I took over 3000 pictures during the whole trip, but I only posted a few.  Enjoy the pics for Kruger National Park……

Over all this was a great start to on my African adventure. Time to move on to Cape Town.

Your Safari Queen Lizzy :)

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