Africa Vacation

Africa Vacation
The King meets the Queen

I never in my wildness dreams thought of having a Africa vacation.  I didn’t know anyone there and I never read any books on Africa.  I didn’t have any innate urge or draw to go to the mother land. For some reason in 2007 I decided to take a chance an make this my next big vacation.  My original plan was to go to Australia for my vacation. After talking with a coworker who had been to Africa, and seeing his amazing pictures, I was convinced to go.  So I did my research, planned my tip, packed my bags and off I went to Africa.

Africa Vacation
Kudo looking at me look at him.

My route was from Dubai to Johannesburg……Kruger National Park…Swaziland….Cape Town…Zambia….Livingston, Zimbabwe…..Back to South Africa….Dubai

Africa Vacation
Victoria Falls behind me.

I had a 14 day window, 5 flights and the plan was to see as much as I could.  After all I’m a sightseer at heart, so I figured it was doable and it was.  I saw just about everything I wanted to and I still got lots of rest.

Africa Vacation
Boulder Penguin Colony was amazing.

Talking about a great vacation choice.  Oh my…you got to go if you can.

Africa Vacation
I saw some amazing animals, people and places.

I  was in awe of the beauty of Africa.  The only thing that would have been better at that time would have been to see even more places on the African continent.

Africa Vacation
African Sunset at Kruger National Park

This was by far the best vacation that I had taken.

Africa Vacation
Lonely Planet

Tip:  I did have a lonely planet book that I boughed before had to figure out what I wanted to see.

You can check out each leg of the trip.

Kruger National Park
Cape Town

Please forgive any empty pages.  I am time challenged and constantly update pages all over the site.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you need any information on the places I have visited.

Your Amazing African Globetrotter Lizzy :)

Africa Vacation Questions:

Have you been to Africa?

What is your favorite vacation?

What places would you recommend seeing on the African continent?