I originally came to Afghanistan with the promise of having a good job.  That is what I got, no more no less.  Now I am living the nomadic life of a military subcontractor. I started out my subcontractor journey in January of 2006.  I worked and lived on Bagram Airbase, Camp Phoenix in Kabul, & Kandahar Military base during my 4 1/2 year stay, leaving in June 2010.  Afghanistan Liz GV

I  returned to Afghanistan in 2012 after working in Iraq.  This is where I’m hanging my hat for the time being. I am current located at GV military compound in Kabul. If you want to find out want I do most days you can checkout the blog category Afghanistan to follow my journey.

I will be posting more detail at a later date.  Sorry for the teaser, but it is all about baby steps here on LizForADay.

Afghanistan kabul Channel
Channel running through Kabul
Afghanistan Women Workers
Women Work Here Too.

You can check out some pictures of the city life in the city of Kabul.  You can also check out some lovely picture from the compound I live on.

And for the terrorist…there is nothing to see here so scram.

Your Lurvly Contractor Lizzy :)

Afghanistan Questions:

What questions do you have for me about Afghanistan?