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What is a Globetrotter?  Noun – A habitual worldwide traveler.  Example, a tourist or a businessman.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia 2010

I have been to some fantastic and absolutely beautiful places around the world.  I wanted to start sharing.  I am constantly working on updates, so you will see updated activity on my Travel Pages.  I never consider myself to be a writer per say, so this will be a challenge for me and a good chance for me to focus my creativeness on good.  :)


Expat Travel Kruger Airport Sign
Arriving in Nelsprit to go to Kruger

I can tell you ever since I was old enough to feel the urge to run far from home, I thought about traveling.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a fantastic childhood and my parents did the best they could with us bad kids.  I wasn’t much of a reader, so I did not really get any great ideas from that form of media.  I just felt like there was so much to see, I just wanted to be away.  So the first chance I got, I took it.  I was promised, among other things a chance to see the world.  I joined the US Army.

Expat Travel Venice Building
Venice Waterway

I had no idea that this would start a love affair with traveling.  I did not really see it that way at the time.  I just saw it as an opportunity  to go and go I did.  I was first stationed in Germany where I spent several years partying and having a blast.  I was able to get out and see many places.  I really got a chance to experience the culture.  You can check out my first stories on the Germany Page ( Coming Soon).  That is where the journey begins & hopeful the end will be a long time from now.

Expat Travel
Bali Traditional Dancers

Check out all the fantabulous expat travel post from my recent vacation to Ubud Bali, Indonesia.  I had a checklist of things to do.  I almost did them all, but I was not disappointed with what was not done.  This is the embodiment of what expat travel is all about.  I wanted to share it with all the readers here at

Enjoy and feel free to leave your travel experiences on the my globetrotting adventure travel pages here at LizForADay.

Your International Lotus Lizzy :)

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