FD239 – What Ground Hog Day & Vitamins Have in Common

Sillies….That’s easy.  You start a vitamin regiment and everyday it is the same ole thing. :) Just like Ground Hog Day.   I know ground hog day was a couple of days ago, but who cares.  Anyway..this post is really my take on what vitamins mean to my life, what I take and what I believe (based on a bit of research) are the benefits of taking certain vitamins.  And I will also tell you if I have benefited from them.

But first the short story about Phil….  :) (Yeap it is one of those days)

Supposedly Phil didn’t see his shadow so spring is coming early.  Yeah! I’m doing the happy dance.  That means I can run outside, because right now it is a hot, cold and a snowy mess here.  That means natural vitamin D from the sun.  Who is Phil You say? Read on…..

First let me give you a little history lesson about ground hog day. You know you want to read it.  Really here is an infographic.  I love those.  :)

Ground Hog Phil

Ok I guess Ground Hog day doesn’t have that much in common with vitamins, but I just wanted to post that cool infographic.  I think they made those just for me.  OK on to the meat and potatoes of this post.

The vitamins…..

vitamins I decided to do some research on the vitamins that I am taking.  I know that there are alot of people who are starting their vitamin journey as a new years resolution.  I have been taking most of my vitamins for awhile, but I thought it would be a great time to    re-evaluate what I am taking.

Also I had some people ask me what I take, since I’m a strong,  Shera of a Marathoner now.  :)  OK maybe a baby marathoner, but a marathoner none the less.  I plan on milking that for all it is worth.  You can read the race report for yourself.

Here is what I take and how it is suppose to be good for me.

Vitamin What is does My benefits
Fish Oil Provides Omega -3 Lubs joints
Relora Stress & Appetite Control Rarely take, Not much benefit
Acidophilus Balance Digestive System Helps reduce yeast infections
Raw Probiotics Balance Digestive System Helps reduce yeast infections
Creatine Monohydrate Muscle Energy Increase Give more energy during workouts
Folic Acid Supports Healthy Homocysteine Levels Also helps to reduce yeast infections, and promote hair growth.
Eyebright Eye Tonic Helps to keep the eyes healthy & disease free.
CLA Toning Formula Helps to build muscles.  Maybe.
Echinacia & Goldenseal Root Immune System Supports Helps to stay well.
Ketone Lean Weight Loss supplement Assist with digestion.  I believe it.
Elderberry & Zinc Supports Immune System Helps to stay well.
Vitamin D Supports Bone, Breast, Immune & Colon Health Helps me to have strong bones and healthy skin.
Flaxseed Oil Omega 3 Lubs joints

So that’s it.  Do I believe they all work as they should….well some, but not all.  It makes me feel stronger, so I guess that is all that counts.  Mind over matter.  :)


Netty Pot Healthy Tips

My disclaimer:  I am no doctor, I don’t work in the medical field, I don’t hold any medical degrees, I don’t have any friends that work in the medical field, I am a fan of homeopathy, and I don’t like doctors (but they are necessary), I am just telling you “Life as I Live it”  these tips work for me, you should try them, they just might work for you. 

Your Infograffic Loving, Vitamin Taking, Healthy (most of the time) Lizzy :)

Ground Hog & Vitamins Questions:

Did you know Phil’s story?  I didn’t

What is the one vitamin you would not do without?  Mine is Vitamin D