FD242 – Old Shoes..Keep um or Toss um…But Thems Good Kicks

old shoes

These are my old shoes & I have dubbed them old faithful.  These old shoes have some miles on them.  I trained for my Disney 1/2 Marathon and ran the actual race in them.  I also ran my 1st 10K in my old faithfuls.  That 10K was the infamous Zombie Run.  Now it is time to retire them from training.  What should I do with the old girls?  Old shoes is such a harsh title for the girls.

Out with the Old Shoes & in with the New….Well Maybe

I have some new kicks now.  Would you believe, I almost forgot to get me some new running shoes, when I was home on R&R.  I got them the very last day.  That day is usually reserved for clean the house and kiss your kids day.  I would’ve had to kick myself in my own ass if I left the states without performing that task, with my old shoes no doubt.

I asked for advice on what types of running shoes to get (Running Shoe Suggestion Post).  I got some very good comments and suggestions on what others prefer.  Theses are what I got…..(shoe 1  Asics & shoe 2 Saucony)

I will give a review of the shoes once I have broken them in more.  Hey, how come the people at the running store want to sell you ugly shoes.  The associate that helped me insisted that I shouldn’t be going for ascetics.  I told her I wanted the right shoe, but it had to be cute.  That’s a good segway into my shopping spree.

Running Specialty Store to the Rescue….Old Shoes Lookout!

I made it a point to go to a specialty running store.  I love the Track Shack in Orlando.  One reason I love it is because it’s local for me.  I much rather support a local business when it’s possible.  The other reason I love it, is because it is all running.  You know, I’m a big time running/marathoner now.  :)  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

I have been wearing my ASICS.  My other shoes are in a trunk under my bed awaiting the time when I put so many miles on the ASICS that I have to ditch them.  I made sure to purchase two pairs just in case it is a while before I return back to the US.  That’s a bummer. :(

The Girls Might be old shoes but they ain’t UGLY…..

Now, I refuse to run in ugly shoes, I don’t care how good they are.  I forgive the associate at the store.  She didn’t know any better, or should I say she didn’t know who she was talking too.    She really didn’t understand that she was talking to a lotus blossom.  The nurve….  :)

Oh on to the point of this whole post which is what to do with the old shoes.  They don’t look bad, they don’t stink (surprisingly..I got some sweaty feet), they don’t feel like flat tires.  I think I will keep them for now, but they may find away back into my workouts.  :) Shoes are sneaky like that.

Recycling Old Shoes might be in order…

I hate to throw stuff away.  Besides these were my marathon shoes.  They have special meaning.  Maybe I should have them framed and put on display.    I guess that would be going over board huh?

I have to give it some thought. There is a special place in my heart for them there shoes.  Well got to run (ha ha).  My shoes are a callin for a workout.

Your On the Fence (wearing old shoes) Lizzy  :)

Old Shoes
I’m not ready to let go yet!!!!! My legs look good don’t they.  Heee…Heee…

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Old Shoe Question:

How do you feel about the life of your running shoes?

Do you throw your old kicks away, give away or wear them casually?