Cleanup Your Act….10 Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits

Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits.  Say that 3 times, fast, while chewing bubble gum, jumping up and down and patting your head.  It can’t be done, so don’t try. :)

Green Cleaning Habits
Soap Box Sunday

I’m going to get straight to it on this Soap Box Sunday.  One thing I would like to say, and this is my own opinion, is that cleaning product manufactures are not your friends.  They don’t give a crap about you or your family.

They only care about you purchasing what they have to sell and purchasing a lot of it.  Haven’t you wondered why they don’t truly make one product you can use for everything.  It’s all about marketing people. They could do it if they wanted to, but where is the profit in that?  :-?

One baby step, which by the way has saved me a ton of money, is to ditch the cleaning products.  I put all the products in a box and let my non-green friends and family take what they wanted.  I didn’t want to throw anything away.  That would be a waste and that was a couple of years ago.

Then I began my journey to make cleaning up my cleaning act.  Now days I use plant based products or make up my own concoctions to clean with.  So far I’ve been pretty happy with the results.

Green Cleaning Habits
My Microfiber Mop

10 Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits

  1. Stop the dirt from coming in or should I say slow it down.  How?   Leave your shoes at the door. There’s a lot of crap (literally coming in on them tootsies.  :)
  2. Consider using a plant based cleaner that you can truly use on every surface.  These products go a long way and one bottle of these type of cleaners take up a lot less room under the sink.
  3. I can’t say this enough.  Down with paper towels.  Use cloth napkins. I landed a bargain at an estate sale and purchased a few (about 20) for about 50¢ each. What a deal!
  4. Old throwaway clothes can be used as rags.  I cut them up and keep them in a bin for future use.  You won’t feel so bad if you need to toss them after use.
  5. Need clean air?  Make your own air freshener.  My nose is sensitive to heavy fragrances. I also know, when I smell those heavy scents, there are usually heavy chemicals drifting up my nostrils. Making your own can be done by simply adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to water. Put it in a spray bottle and you have instant air freshening that won’t singe your nose hairs.
  6. Floors can be cleaned with a simple broom and or a microfiber mop.  An example is the Starfiber StarMop Wet/Dry Microfiber Cleaning Kit The microfiber mop can be used on dry and wet surfaces.  Then you throw the cloths in the laundry basket once you are done.  They are reusable.
  7. Speaking of laundry, why not make your own laundry soap.  I did.  (Making your own laundry soap) This is truly a money saver.  Imagine not having to purchase laundry detergent for months.  Trust me you will want to look into this. The added benefit is knowing what it is made of.
  8. OK, toilet bowels do have stubborn stains and nasty germs.  All you need is 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar.  That’s it.  Let is set in the toilet for a bit and swish and scrub and it is a wrap.
  9. You can also make your own dishwasher soap with Borax and washing soda.  Money in your pocket, I would say.
  10. Consider washing laundry when you get a full load.  Keep in mind not everything needs to be washed after each use.  This will preserve the life of your washables.
Green Cleaning Habits
Purchased at an estate sale.

There you have it, 10 Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits.  I’ve tried them all, and they all work for me.  Don’t want to try them all?  That’s Ok.  Try one.  Baby step folks…..Baby steps   :)

Be Green Folks

Your Green Boot Gal

Liz Sign


Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits Questions:

Do you think you will try any of the tips above?

What’s your favorite green cleaning habit?

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FD268 – Reduce Paper Towel Usage…My Hilarious Take for Soap Box Sunday

Reduce Paper Towel Usage
Soap Box Sunday

Reduce Paper Towel Usage is the topic I will be shouting off the top of my Soap Box today.  I haven’t written a post for Soap Box Sunday in a while.   I’ve truly been lazy with my writing lately.   :oops: I really can’t say that I don’t have time.  I was looking through my photos and unedited videos and I was thinking, man I have a lot to talk about.

Reduce Paper Towel Usage
Workout good…Time to Blog!

I had a great short workout this morning and decide it is time to let you know about one of the most impactful small green changes that I made. That was after a quick 2 miler on the treadmill.  I can’t even explain how hot it is outside right now.

Any who…. On to the subject at hand.  I made a little video about the idea of reduce paper towel usage.  I will tell you that it all stemmed from a show I use to watch on the Planet Green Channel, which doesn’t show here anymore for some reason.  There was a lady who used paper towels for everything and unsparingly.  She didn’t just use one paper towel at a time, she used at least five sheets at a time.  She spent a crazy amount of money purchasing those paper towels.  To make a long story short it was then I began to reduce the usage in the house.  I basically stop buying them and resigned myself to the fact that I had to find other means to clean.

I will say, it is impossible to keep them totally out the house when my family keeps sneaking them in.  When I returned back from Afghanistan I began finding paper towels stashed everywhere.  Those yahoos are like junkies.  :) Oh my! How can you tell addictive people that it is ok to reduce paper towel usage.

I did my part by having rags and microfiber cloths around the house for spills and good housekeeping.  I also have a ton of cloth napkins for meal time.  For some reason my guest don’t want to get the napkins dirty.   :-?  That sort of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?  I just want to yell sometimes “REDUCE PAPER TOWEL USAGE”  you paper criminals.

OK on to the video.  Enjoy!

That was hilarious wasn’t it.  I may need to change my career path.  Maybe…..Maybe not.  Oh well.  I have been about 98% paper towel free in my house for about six years.  Thats a ruff estimate.  Still working on the closet paper towel users in the house.  I love them anyway.


reduce paper towel usage
I’m stepping off my soap box.

If you can’t view the video,  here subscribe on my YouTube channel “LizForADay“.  This video is part of my Green Boot Camp Series.

Your Mostly Green Boots Gal Lizzy :)

Reduce Paper Towel Usage Questions:

How much do you spend on paper towels?

Are they a huge part of your housekeeping supply stockpile?


FD241 – Infographic Time, 10 Green Tips & Soap Box Sunday

Soap Box Sunday
Soap Box Sunday

Soap Box Sunday is all about the small things you can do to make the environment around you better. Forget about the world.  :)

OK, I couldn’t resist.  I posted another great infographic on this Soap Box Sunday.  I kind of thought this one was very appropriate.  When people think of being green, they usually only think about ways to save the earth.  What about your very own body?

Most people don’t give a second thought as to how their actions affect their body.  Most of the time I don’t either.  When I do give it some thought, I feel bad.   It is at those times I say to self  “Self what have you been doing to fantastic body all this time.”

Before I go on, here is a some fun facts, 18 to be exact about the human body in infographic fashion.  I love those.  Read on……

Soap Box Sunday
Researched and produced by Advanced Physical Medicine – Chicago Bucktown Physical Therapy..

Yeah! Infographic Done.  Don’t worry, I’m am sure there will be more in your future here at LizForADay.  The human body has a lot going on doesn’t it.  We are such slepts, we treat our body’s like strangers, people that we don’t give a crap about….well….most of the time.

Here are 10 Ways I managed to green up my health and beauty supplies on not only Soap Box Sunday, but every day of the week:

I look for products that don’t contain petroleum.

I look for products that don’t have aluminum.

I stopped using cleaning products with the lovely toxic aroma of “kill your lungs” smell.

I use earth friendly bath products.  I love baths.

I use some non-formaldehyde nail polishes.  I still have some, but I’m much more conscious about the ingredients in the polishes, when making my purchases.

I use deodorant that does not contain aluminum.

I use a Vaseline type of product that dose not have petroleum.  You would be surprised at how much petroleum is used in all manufactured products.

I try to purchase green toothpaste & mouth washes.  Just think about out.  Your mouth is a direct path to your innards.

I stopped using toxic relaxers on my hair.

I must admit, I’m still hooked on the junk food, BUT I did give up eating all flesh except fish AND Yeap…I still consider myself a vegetarian.  That’s a whole nother talk show.  :)

I’m still on the hunt for green makeup & a good lotion.  I am open to any suggestions.
The point to all this is that every little bit helps.  Even if it does not really help the environment, it makes me feel better.  In my world that is all that counts.

I’m stepping off my soap box.

Peace Out!  From Your Hippy Lizzy :)

Soap Box Sunday Question:

Name one small thing you do to make your environment better?

Do you wish you were green like me?  :)