FD247 – Is a Recharge in Order? 8 Ways…Wednesday Rewind

Wednesday Rewind, Recharge

Recharge  is the word for today and it is Wednesday Rewind day in Liz’s world.  Last year I was just getting to know my new work family and getting adjusted to my new job then.  One complete year later I am still employed with the same company and loving those very same people.

Wednesday Rewind, Recharge
Air Travel is a personal energy drainer.

Although I had just gotten to Afghanistan, I had to travel from Florida to Indiana (Stayed for a week), then on to Qatar (stayed for a week), next stop Dubai (two day layover thanks to closed airport in Kabul) & finally last stop, Kabul Green Village.

That’s a lot of traveling and a tremendous amount of jet lag.  Not to mention that I had to get right to work.  So it didn’t take long for me to realize I needed a mental break to ease into things.

Now I am use to working extremely long hours with no days off.  The job that I am on requires that all employees take one full day off.  Even on those days I find myself wanting to go to work.  I made a conscious decision not to.  I am going to use that time to recharge. (Unfortunately, I have to work on my day off this week) That has not happen in a year, so I guess I will live….maybe….I don’t know….we will see.

Fridays are my recharge day.  What can you do to recharge?  Well here are some things I do to recharge:

  • Listen to some good music (LOUD).  I must admit, I love loud music.
  • Sleep in.  For me that is maybe an extra hour.
  • Really give your hair some care.  I do my own hair and it is pretty low maintenance because it is natural.
  • Drag yourself to the gym for a half hour or so of torture.   You could just go for a nice leisurely walk.
  • Have lunch with some friends and engage in some thought provoking conversations.  I make it a point to leave work at work when it comes to meals.
  • I use my time to organize my quarters or rearrange the few pieces of furniture that I have.
  • Watch some good TV shows.  I love watching decorating shows.  It is so inspiring.
  • Take the time to pamper yourself.  I love taking long baths and polishing my nails.  Remember I am a lotus blossom.  
Wednesday Rewind, Recharge
I love taking Baths. They are so relaxing.

You could even use Wednesday Rewind to use as a recharge day in the middle of a hectic week.  Any who that is just a few things I do to recharge.  What do you do?  This is what works for me, you can try it, it just might work for you.

Love, Peace and Hair Grease
Your Lotus Blossom and Lurvly Lizzy :)

Recharge on Wednesday Rewind Questions?

How do you recharge?

What are your favorite ways to fuel your energy?


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