Podcast I Listen To

These are some of my favorite Podcast.  You might like them too. Note (Still writing Descriptions)

Dirt Dawg Running Diatribe – This show host Dirt Dawg and sometimes his wife Dirty girl talk about all things running.  I enjoy there banter and Dirt dog is also a ultra runner.  Great Show.

Fan Day Radio – This is your passport to “Life as I Live It”.  The topics cover running, fitness, motivation and self help tips.  I absolutely love this one.  :)

Geeks in Running Shoes – Jason Kehl & Raymond Adeyemi host this running podcast.  They are attempting to expand into other fitness topics.  I really enjoy listening to the show.  It is very entertaining and funny.  I have been listening to their past episodes and they have been on some running adventures.  They also have had some very interesting interviews that makes this show well worth listening to.

I Eat Green Podcast – (NPR)Bhavani Jaroff is the host of this podcast.  She has weekly show where she discuss all things eco friendly.  She always gives a vegetarian reciepe and has guest who discuss thought provoking content.  It helps me to remember that there are other like minded people out there like me.  And I always get good info that I can use in my everyday life.

The Jillian Michaels Show Podcast – Jillian talks about all things fitness.  Her and her co host Janice are very entertaining and they cover topics from exercise advice to medical advice. There are usually experts whom are interviewed.  It is a pretty good shoe in  my opinion.

Running at the Center of the Universe – Ashland Dave is an ultra runner.  He shares lots of running tip and talks about his training.  I always enjoy his race reports and I love his accent.

Delicious TV Veg EZ Video Podcast – This has some short cooking spots and it is all vegetarian.  The host show you how to make some EZ meals.

Fat2Fit Radio Podcast – The host of this show is Russ Turly & Jeff Ainslie.  They talk about their weight loss philosophy of eating like the thinner person you want to be.  They also have some fitness tips as well.  I have not got any updates on this show, but there are a ton of archive shows to listen to.

Homemade is Best – This is a cooking podcast.  The hose are Russ Turly & Helana Brigman.  It is an audio show, which I did not know if I would like, but it is good. I have not gotten any updates on this show lately.  There are archive episodes to listen to.  Good show.

Running with the Pack – This is my favorite running podcast.  It is basically all things running.  The host is Allen Gorkey & Stevie Roco.  I love this show.

The Moth – This podcast feature true stories from real people.  The stories are short but very interesting.  Some are uplifting, some are funny and some are tragic.  I enjoy listening to stories from actual people.

Iron Brandon – This podcast is a running podcast.  The host Brandon works for Newton Running shoes.  He always talks about out things running.  It is not one be Newton commercial I assure you.  I really enjoy the show.  You should take a listen.  I think you will like it too.

Raw Vegan Radio – This shows host is Steven Prussack.  the show is about…you guessed it.  The vegan lifestyle.  It is not militant and there is always great information and excellent interviews.

Vegetarian Food for Thought

The Real Estate Zone

The Real Estate Guys

Running to the Beat

Trail Runner nation

Ultra Runner Nation

5K 101

Running the Narrow Path


What are some of your favorites?  Do you have a Podcast?  Let me know so I can check it out.