FD 249 – Panties are So Overrated!

Made Ya Look! Ha Ha…No panties here, but there is a story.

Ha, Ha!

Ok, if any of you are watching me on Facebook you will see that the time has finally come.  I have resigned my position here in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Yeah for me! :)  This job was just getting too crazy.   I was expected to make wine from scratch, using one foot to squish 2 grapes and make a whole bottle, all that while chewing bubble gum, patting my head and jumping up and down.  Sounds like the definition of chaos doesn’t it.   On a positive note I will say that I have met a ton of great people and will miss them dearly.

It has been seriously quite on LizForADay, because my work was killing me.  I could not bear to look at my computer screen in the evening when I got off.  I know once I finally get out of here my mind will be free.  I just want to go, but my flight doesn’t leave until tomorrow.  That’s a bummer.

My boss really expects me to keep working after I told him I quit.  What a crock of shit. (Sorry for the foul language)  I will wash my mouth out with soap later.  That is only if the ingredients are all natural of course.  You really are trapped here until they let you out.

Any who, back to the Panties thing.  When I packed all my stuff, I made a conscious decision to not take any old underwear or socks with me.  So basically as I wear them, I am tossing them.  That may sound strange, but who whats to start the next chapter in their lives like that, basically with ragged stuff.  Not me! The people who will be in danger is the garbage pickers.  :)  Ha!  Even I had to laugh at that.  :)

Consider that a travel tip! Don’t say you never got anything out of reading my crazy post. :)

Tonight I will be having diner with some of my work family as a final farewell.  I wish I could go up to the posers and tell them not to pretend with me and begone. Those are the folks that say they really hate to see you leave, but are secretly sharpening the knives to take you out when you go down a dark alley.  Dark alley, because the are cowards and they don’t want anyone to see them.  (Sorry for the Rant)  Unfortunately, my mom taught me to be nice and when I talk about my work family I’m not talking about them.  Those Dirty Dogs!  (Sorry…..Let it go Lizzy….Let it Go!)

So I’m off to have a little adventure before heading home and I will let you all know how things turn out.

Night, Night Time

Your Lurvly and Fantabulous Lizzy :)

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Panties questions:

Seriously does throwing away underwear after you wear them sound crazy when you are traveling? :) You know my answer.  


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      YES! I will be there probably in a couple of weeks. I’m going to take the opportunity to see some of my long lost friends before I head home. Now there will be no reason for us not to be able to hook up. :) I’m excited about coming home.

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    Oh man, you are leaving before I got to send you a package! Well, I’ll just have to send it to your Florida locale :) Now we will definitely have to get together. Come to the Bay!!!

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