FD233 – Long Road Home Part Tio & Silence

I’m still here.  Long Road Home is truly that.  It has been quite a few days since posted.  That’s because I have been sick, busy, running and enjoy life at home.  I miss blogging, but I just needed a short break to recharge my brain.

My original plan was to find some place to hang out instead of spending the money on a hotel room the day I was in Dubai.  I decided to stay there and I’m glad I did.  I was able to entertain myself sufficently and I saw some friends.

Long Road Home
Sharon & I in our We picture.

It is a small world in the military contracting world.  I always see someone that I have worked with before.  This is my buddy Sharon.  Sharon is not only a work buddy, but she is a neighbor at home also.  It was nice to see her.  It’s always good to keep in touch which is something I am terrible at.

Long Road Home
Economy Plus provides lots of leg room.

Anywho, I was so happy to get on the plane and get going on the long road home.  The flight was uneventful…Thank God.  The crew was was awesome and I slept most of the way.  I was still really feeling bad, so I was hoping I would not have a problem sleeping.

Long Road Home
Welcome to Orlando!

I made it to states sick but not worse for ware.  I wanted to take a picture of the Welcome to Orlando sign, but it took me forever to find it.  I couldn’t believe it was so hard to find.  The air here is so different and clean.  I love it. :)

While I was surfing some blogs I ran across this video.  You know I am enjoying YouTube right now.  When I heard the song, I thought this would be great to run with.  So I ordered the album on Amazon.  Spoiler Alert…I love it.

I have a lot to catch up on.  So CYA soon…

Loving the USA Lizzy :)

Long Road Home Question:

What says home for you? 


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    Nice to see you again!!! Glad you are having a great time, make the most of every moment. Thanks for the tip in an earlier post about Stumble! – it is really working for me. Robyn

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    Good Morning Liz

    Well glad to hear from you again I thought something happen to you and I was going to call the sheriff to see if you where still with us.I hope you are enjoying your time in the U.S. by the way it was nice to see a picture of Sharon

    Take Care and We Miss you


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    Sleeping on a plane is the worst, so it must feel amazing to be back home! Home for me is taking a longgg, hot shower and jumping into my own bed. Somehow I always feel a million times cleaner when I shower in my own bathroom…it doesn’t matter how nice the hotel was.

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