FD241 – Infographic Time, 10 Green Tips & Soap Box Sunday

Soap Box Sunday
Soap Box Sunday

Soap Box Sunday is all about the small things you can do to make the environment around you better. Forget about the world.  :)

OK, I couldn’t resist.  I posted another great infographic on this Soap Box Sunday.  I kind of thought this one was very appropriate.  When people think of being green, they usually only think about ways to save the earth.  What about your very own body?

Most people don’t give a second thought as to how their actions affect their body.  Most of the time I don’t either.  When I do give it some thought, I feel bad.   It is at those times I say to self  “Self what have you been doing to fantastic body all this time.”

Before I go on, here is a some fun facts, 18 to be exact about the human body in infographic fashion.  I love those.  Read on……

Soap Box Sunday
Researched and produced by Advanced Physical Medicine – Chicago Bucktown Physical Therapy..

Yeah! Infographic Done.  Don’t worry, I’m am sure there will be more in your future here at LizForADay.  The human body has a lot going on doesn’t it.  We are such slepts, we treat our body’s like strangers, people that we don’t give a crap about….well….most of the time.

Here are 10 Ways I managed to green up my health and beauty supplies on not only Soap Box Sunday, but every day of the week:

I look for products that don’t contain petroleum.

I look for products that don’t have aluminum.

I stopped using cleaning products with the lovely toxic aroma of “kill your lungs” smell.

I use earth friendly bath products.  I love baths.

I use some non-formaldehyde nail polishes.  I still have some, but I’m much more conscious about the ingredients in the polishes, when making my purchases.

I use deodorant that does not contain aluminum.

I use a Vaseline type of product that dose not have petroleum.  You would be surprised at how much petroleum is used in all manufactured products.

I try to purchase green toothpaste & mouth washes.  Just think about out.  Your mouth is a direct path to your innards.

I stopped using toxic relaxers on my hair.

I must admit, I’m still hooked on the junk food, BUT I did give up eating all flesh except fish AND Yeap…I still consider myself a vegetarian.  That’s a whole nother talk show.  :)

I’m still on the hunt for green makeup & a good lotion.  I am open to any suggestions.
The point to all this is that every little bit helps.  Even if it does not really help the environment, it makes me feel better.  In my world that is all that counts.

I’m stepping off my soap box.

Peace Out!  From Your Hippy Lizzy :)

Soap Box Sunday Question:

Name one small thing you do to make your environment better?

Do you wish you were green like me?  :) 


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    Hi Liz, I love your ways of greening up your life! I also avoid aluminium in my deodorant and petroleum too. Hard to find good green nail varnish, at the moment I don’t have any nail varnish on though! have a great week, Robyn

    • says

      I agree it is very hard to find green nail polish. I found some one time at a health store and the colors were very limited. Oh well. We do what we can. :) Nice to hear from you Robyn.

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