FD255 – How to Make Your First Vlog…Just Do It!

How to make your first Vlog
Freshly posted to Youtube

OK, this is going to be super short because I just posted my 1st blog on YouTube.  YEAH! (High Five Me!)  I have been checking out other bloggers and Vlogers and it really inspired me to try it.  And guess what?  I loved it.  Of course that is another thing to suck up my time with, but who cares.  You only live once dagnabit. How to make your first Vlog is as simple as jumping in with both feet.

Make Your First Vlog  The question remains how to make your first blog? Of course I’m no expert, but I can tell you it wasn’t that easy and it literally took me hours to complete it.  Thats because I wanted to add some nice touches to jazz it up a bit.  I also atribute that to this being my first time and me not having a clue how to use IMovie on my MacBook.  Yikes!  I was not able to fine much on the the actual process to learn.

I suppose you can use your webcam or your Iphone.  I actually have a video camera which I barley use and decided that was just what I needed to use.  The program I used on my computer was IMovie (If you have a PC you can use Windows Movie Maker).  I have not used the Windows version, so I could not help with that.  The rest was testing and hit or miss. You could just recored it and upload it to your Youtube account.  Then it would it’s a done deal.

Soooooooo….like everything else in my life…I saw a need within me…..I taught myself…..I did it…….I posted….I conquered……I did it!!!!!!! :)

If anyone is interested on how I actually did it, let me know and I will be happy to assist.  I will try to remember what the heck I did.  :) For now enjoy my 1st Vlog.  Oh please forgive all the flaws you my see and cut me some slack.  Also the intro is a bit long, but I think you will enjoy anyway.

One more thing….By all means…Leave a comment and let me know what you think. :) I promise to love you forever.

Your Lurvly Lotus Lizzy :)

Peace Out

How to Make Your First Vlog Questions?

Have you made an attempt to Vlog?

Would you prefer to just watch than to publish?


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    Hey hey! Nice to see you. I have been out of the loop for so long that I didn’t realise you’d left the job.

    Did you know that Priscilla is Australian originally? My parents wouldn’t let me watch the movie when I was little, and I never have gone and got it myself. I should.

    I don’t believe you’re in your 40s either ;-).

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