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Zombie Run Go Lizzy Race Reports
Zombie Run Kabul 2012

My journey begins when I was working in Iraq as a military subcontractor.  I was looking though magazines at the PX and the one that caught my eye was Runners World. I just stared at the person the cover and decided that I wanted to run.  My running started out very modestly.  I didn’t want anyone to see me run, so one day I waited until it was dark.  I decided that I would run 15 min without stopping.  I really didn’t think I could, but I would try.

I put my gear on and went out for my first run.  I did it.  I ran the whole time.  I was so excited.  I started running almost everyday.  Then I started listening to a podcast called Running with the Pack.  They always feature cool race reports from listeners.  I loved it.

I was now on the running path and it felt good.  I saw a sign for a marathon that was being held on the base.  I had no idea that you really needed to train for something like that and I was totally afraid anyway.  Why?  Because I thought I would have come in last and there would not be anyone at the finish line. Sounds like a bad dream, doesn’t it?

I wrote an email and sent it to Running with the Pack and their recommendation was not to worry about being last.  I was inspired by the host of the show.  They even feature my email on their show.  I felt like a superstar. :) I didn’t run that marathon, but I did start looking for races to run when I would be home on R&R.

Thus a runner was born.

I am not delusional.  I know I am not destine to win any races, but they are darn fun to participate in.  I would love to share my race experience with you. Check out my race reports.

5K’s Race Reports
PR/PB-Orlando Summer Run 5K 2011-35min 28 Sec
NTC 5K Series Run 2012–  43min 36sec

10K’s Race Reports
PR/PB – Zombie Run Kabul 2012 10k- 125min 11Sec

Upcoming Goals
Disney 1/2 Marthon 2013

Race Reports Questions –

I would love to hear your race reports.  Are you running in any races soon?

What is your proudest race?