FD229 – WordPress Plugin, Redirects…Near Lizaster!

Let me tell you about my WordPress Plugin almost Lizaster.  OK, first let me apologize if you came to the blog and it was a hot mess yesterday.  Second I apologize if you tried to comment and your comments disappeared.  I assure you, I looked all over the house and they are gone if you commented during that time.  This is my story…..

WordPress Plugin
OMG, I broke it!

I had installed this plugin on the blog to assist with redirects.  UHHH…I guess I should first explain what the heck a WordPress plugin is and what redirects are.

A software plug-in is an add-on for a program that adds functionality to it. It basically is an easy way to change codes that run in the background to make your site perform a specific function.  Example I have a Facebook Facepile WordPress plugin that tells my site to display faces.

URL Redirects happen when you attempt to open a URL that has been redirected, a page with a different URL is opened. It is also called URL forwarding.  Example-if you type http://www.FantabulousDay.com in your browser it will take you to http://LizForADay.com

Now you can follow along with my story of the almost demise of the LizForADay empire.  I basically told LizForADay to redirect to Lizforaday.wordpress.com.  The problem with that is it created a continual loop.  I was not able to get into the proper admin area to fix the problem.

WordPress Plugin
Yeap that’s a dog chasing it’s tail.

Through the help of the world wide web search engines, I was able to find a band-aid to put a temporary fix on the problem so I could get in to the admin section of my self host website. Now I have to figure how to take the band-aid off without ripping the skin off. :(

Of course that is not the end of the story.  The sites format was a hot mess.  There was no formatting at all.  It was somewhat readable. I wanted to cry.  :( Why had I tortured myself this way.  I had no idea how to fix it.  Well my site is hosted by Blue Host, who has a marvelous & responsive customer service department.

I entered a help ticket and they immediately told me what the cause of the problems might be.  With that information, I was able to fix it.   The main issue was a WordPress  plugin.  I unplugged everything and then plugged in everything again. I won’t bore you with the details.  If you are having the same issue leave a comment and I will come to the rescue with a page from “Life as I Live” and the exact details of what I did.

Needless to say my fix or customer service’s fix worked like a charm.  That little innocent keystroke, not only messed up the redirection, it messed up my admin login, it messed up the ability for my readers to make comments, it gave me a mini heart attack and almost took LizForADay DOWN forever! …..Well I may be exaggerating a bit.  I would have gotten it going again, because I am good like that.  :)

I would like to say that won’t happen again & that I will stay away from things that I don’t have a clue about, but that would be an outrageous lie.  Part of the fun of blogging on a self hosted site is taking risk and trying new things and even breaking things sometimes.  After all, I am not paying rent on this place.  I can do what I want and let my creativeness flow.  :)


OK, I can Zen again.  Backups give me peace of mind.
OK, I can Zen again. Backups give me peace of mind.

I will say, my saving grace was that I have monthly, weekly, & daily backups.  I knew my site content was safe.  Backups will give you peace of mine also, that is for sure.  Whweee…..WordPress Plugin Lizaster diverted.

Your Cool, Calm & Collected Lizzy :)

WordPress Plugin questions:

Have you had a run in with a nasty, non-coporative WordPress plugin?

Have you almost crashed you blog?

What lessons have you learned from blogging? Me..don’t be afraid to mess with stuff.


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    Wow Liz, you are so courageous for tackling these blog advances and I smile and admire your honesty, and faith in yourself…thank goodness you know how to re-wire with meditation, sending you a big HUG, OMMMMMMMMM

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    This is why I have a WordPress.com site. I don’t think I could handle it on my own with a self-hosted blog. I’m impressed by your prowess in figuring it all out. I would have cried ‘Uncle’ and left it at that. 😉

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    Wow, that all sounds super complicated and your computer skills exceed mine! I am on blogger – WordPress seems to be the way to go in the long run though:)

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      I have never used blogger, so I don’t know how they stack up to each other. I was orignally with GoDaddy and I got absolutely no traffic. I can say I am not a computer expert, but I know enough to tear stuff up and then I know where to go to get someone else to fix it. :)

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    Whew! I was wondering what was going on yesterday! I was one of the ones trying to comment and it would disappear. I tried about 4 times lol! Glad you got it fixed! How do you back up your blog? I need to look into that for sure!!!

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      It is actually a service that is provided by the hosting company. I did have to pay for it. It was about $13 for the whole year…I think. In any case I figured it was well worth it. I have lost info before and really did not wan to lose all me content. It is all done automatically. I don’t have to do anything. I like that alot. :)

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