FD232 – The Long Road Home & Rolling with the Punches

Long Road Home
Waiting for the Navy Seals to save me from the dreaded Kabul Airport.

Well today started off as a normal travel day from Afghanistan (Body Search Recap) with a gazillion body searches & weird woman staring me down.  You would have thought they were comparing me to a wanted poster that said “Dead or Alive One Million Dollars”.  You know what I did….

I rolled with the punches and ignored them, after all this is the beginning of the long road home.

I think they do that because I don’t attempt to cover my curly locks or maybe it’s that I’m African American or I am so damn beautiful or I tower over most Afghan women.  I feel like Gigantor here.  I’m really an average height for US standards. So…

I just roll with the punches and boguard my way to the front of most lines, cause they are very afraid of Gigantor.  :) The Long Road Home…The Long Road Home

This did turn out a bit different because one of my coworkers flew out also today.  His final destination will be South Africa.  It is summer time there which is right up my alley.  I wish I was going with him.  Good thing I didn’t know or I would have showed up at his door and when his wife opened the door I would have responded with “Honey We’re Home.”  wouldn’t she have been surprised. :) You know I have been there before and loved it.  (See South African Adventure)

Here is some pics for you viewing enjoyment…But keep reading, there is more.. :) (I hear the ohs and the ahs) :)

Unfortunately  he (my coworker) can’t leave the airport here so I was going to hang with him.  The issue is his flight from a different terminal.  So….

I had to roll with the punches and hang out with me, myself & I.  That is good company.  I can deal with that.  :) Remember the Long Road Home

the long road home
Patient Zero

Another thing out of the ordinary is that I have become patient zero.  I caught some kind of bug a couple of days ago.  That sucks! Who wants to be sick when you are traveling.  Well….sometimes you don’t have a choice.  I’ve been trying every little home remedies I could think off short of using leeches to suck the mucus out of my lungs.

Long Road Home
My make shift blogging station.


I just had to roll with the punches  if that does not sound good.  Can’t teleport home unfortunately. Got to get better for the Long Road Home.

And so I am still sitting at the airport people watching, Facebooking, Twitting, Blogging, Drinking an ginormous amount of liquids, chatting with Miguel who is missing me terribly ( I miss you too boo!) and ignoring all my bug symptoms.

A funny thing happened on the Long Road Home….

Oh I almost forgot a funny travel story.  I was sitting alone.  I found a good spot with no people.  Then the guy walks up with his little son.  The boy was only about 4 or 5.  He was so precious, until they decided to sit next to me.  Suddenly he did not look that good any more.  I knew he was here to stay for a minute because the boy immediate took his shoes off.  Well he was nice and quite for about 2 minutes and then it was on.  I just laid my head down quitely and I guess the father, being the considerate man that he was decide to move.  They were French too.  You know how us American’s think of the French.  Just kidding.  Actually the Boy was not that bad, but I did think it was nice that the father did not what to disturb me.  In this case…

They rolled with the punches and scrammed.  :) That guy knew I was  on the Long Road Home. :)  Or maybe he figured out that I was patient zero.  Any who…..Viva Le France!

More to come on the long road home…..

Your Germy Patient Zero, Lizzy :)

Long Road Home Question:

If teleporters existed, would you get in one?

Do you feel like patient zero when you are sick?  Personally I feel like a leopard. :(

What are some home remedies you use when you have a bug?


  1. says

    Hi Lizzy

    Is it time for you to come back to work yet? I know traveling is not the best thing to do in life but soon you will be home with your family. I hope you feel better soon and take many pictures.

    Miss you Liz


  2. says

    Teleporter? Where? I’m in.

    Sorry you aren’t well – but good on you for rolling with it. I am terrified of bugs on planes! I get all funny about the person I’m sitting next to. Drink lots of tea xxx

  3. says

    Posted on January 8, 2013 by LizForADay

    Good Day Liz

    Well its now Jan 13 I miss your posts so where are the pictures of you and the mice that you ran on your marathon please post something so I know you are still with us

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