FD229 – Ditch Resolutions..Make Monthly Goals

I decided to Ditch Resolutions for the new year along time ago.  While they work great from some, I find them no good for myself.  I do however think monthly goals are great and fall in line with my BabyStep philosophy.


First in order for the whole monthly goal thing to work for me, I had to look back at January of 2012.  Then I had to say to self “Self I can I be a better Lizzy in 2013”.  That’s an easy answer.  I was chilling this time in 2012 and packing up for my new, now current job.

This year I will be on the travel goat trail to Orlando and then back to Afghanistan.  I will not bore you with the details of my trip…TODAY…  You can look at my post for travel planning to see what I will attempt to get accomplished while I am home.

I think everyone should ditch resolutions for the new year and follow my lead.  I am going to be more exercise active while on my trip.  I will be counting the exercise I get shlepping my bags through the airports and beyond.  It is time for me to think of exercise differently.  Moving is more than running.  I want to expand the way I do things.


Ditch Resolutions
Does this mirror make my butt look big? Yeah!

January will be a year of expansion of the mind and not the butt, if you know what I mean.  I am going to give more thought to what I eat, drink and how I move.  That is my goal for this month. I will worry about next month when it comes.

Say with me…

  1. Think about what you eat
  2. Think about what you drink…time to go on a no soda streak again.  I know they are terrible for me.
  3. Think about how you move.

There I think that will be easy.  Well..We will see any way.  :)  Those will be my baby steps for this month and it shouldn’t be too hard even though I will be on vacation.

Your Baby Stepping Lizzy :)

PS. I actually wrote a short post.  I know..I can’t believe it myself.  :)  And can you tell, this was suppose to be my Wednesday Rewind, but I was too busy breaking things that took a whole day to fix yesterday.  :0

Ditch Resolutions for the New Year Question:

What is your main goal for January?


  1. Miguel says

    Hi Liz

    I made a resolution a year ago that I am still doing it today

    No S O D A 368 days days and counting

    By the way thanks for the water every day


  2. says

    I’ve been on a no soda bandwagon for 3 years going strong! It’s a hard habit to kick but once you do, you’re gold! I drink a lot of water with lemon and ChinaMist unsweet blackberry jasmine green tea. It’s AMAZING!!!

  3. says

    Hi! I saw your blog listed on Amalia’s blog (Live. Travel. Eat. Run) and just wanted to say, well, hi! :) Love finding new blogs. Love this post so much, it’s incredibly important to have smaller, more attainable goals. Happy Friday!

    • says

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Amalia’s blog is one of my favorites. She is very inspiring. Smaller goals are definitely the way to go. :) See ya around.

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