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FD176 – Zombie Run Over..Didn’t Die…1st 10K…Rocked It!

The Start of My Zombie Run Adventure…The beginning

I shall start from the beginning.  It all started with a lovely poster announcing the first Zombie Run in Kabul.  I though this would be great because I wanted to get in some race experience before the Disney 1/2 Marathon that I will be doing in January.

Zombie Run Kabul 2012

Now my first thought was to sign up for the 5K.  Really what would be the point for me.  I will be running with the big dogs in a couple of months.  10K it would be.  So I decided I would purchase my shirt for the run.  I asked around and found 2 others that were going to run from my work family.  Then the wheels in my head went into motion.  Maybe I could get my boss to pay for the shirts.  This is how it all began.

I knew if I were to get him on board I would need more people to commit.  So that is just what I did.  I went to every office and made a plea that everyone get up early on their only day off and run with me.  To my surprise almost everyone came on board.  I almost could not believe it, but then again I have that affect on people.  :)  I knew they loved me.  Now it was on the convince my boss that our company should pay for the shirts.

I proceeded to make a power point presentation and he agreed.  Yeah!  You know the shirts were a big incentive for my run/walkers to participate.  I think they would have felt guilty if they took the shirts and did not run. :evil:  That was my plan and it worked perfectly.  Hee…..Hee…..Heee…. (I wish you could hear my evil laugh)

Fast forward to the day before Zombie Run race…

Here are some photo’s of me preparing to distribute the infamous shirts. They were not released until the day before. I had to stop my work to prepare the shirts for everyone.  You can imagine that I was real sad about not being able to do my work.  :cry:   Not :-D

Zombie Run Shirts

Making them pretty to give out.


Zombie Run Number

No pins, had to use binder clips.


Zombie Run Shirt Folding

When you want something, you have to do all the work.

Zombie Run Participants

Two willing participants accepting shirts.

Zombie Run George

George showing off his age..I mean number.

Zombie Run Carl

Carl could not wait to try his shirt on. He wore it all afternoon.

Zombie Run…But No Zombie Movie..The Night Before the Apocalypse

Zombie Run Underworld 2003

Movie night featured homemade gumbo and Underworld the movie.  I love the Underworld series.  I did not partake of the gumbo (no meat for me), but the movie was great, even though it did not have any zombies in it and I was in great company so it was all good.  Once the movie was done,  I went to my room watched an episode of Being Human and went to sleep.  All the horror/supernatural stuff helps to set the mood and I never have bad dreams.

Zombie Run Race Morning:

I had planned to get up at about 6 but I was excited so I was up at 5:30.  I wasn’t nervous at all, just excited.  So I put my number on my shirt and took me a quick shower.

Zombie Run 190

My Zombie Number

I decided to check the weather.

Zombie Run Weather

I wonder do zombies get cold.

I knew it was going to be cool, but it was going to be dang cold for me.  I was not going to let that deter me.  I was going to do this run, even if I froze to death.

Zombie Run Mirror

I tried to see how good I was looking, but it was too dark. DARN!

I put on some extra clothes and venture forth into the unknown.

Time to rally the troops for the Zombie Run……

When I got out there, to my dismay, there was no one there from my company.  I was afraid they all decided to sleep in.  However my fears were unfounded.  They all showed up.  I do believe that 98% of our company was there.  That is awesome.  I heard someone ask if our company made the Zombie Run mandatory.  Heee.. almost. 8-)

Here are some photos before the start of the Zombie Run…

Zombie Run Waiting

My personality is reflected in that smile…Goofy!

Zombie Run Gary

I was trying to take a picture with me holding the camera. That worked out well didn’t it? (Sarcasm)

Zombie Run Backside

I was trying to show my backside..I mean my back..Once again that went well didn’t it? (Sarcasm)


Zombie Run Crew

Got almost everybody in the shot..Sorry if we missed you…

Now it is time to race The Zombie Run…….

There were three groups of runners.  The 5K runners (Slackers) :) I luv yall, 10K runners (My Fantabulous Group) and 21K runners (The Monster Runners)

My running tunes for the day…Dave Mathews Band (Crash)

Zombie Run Tunes

No Playlist, just “Crash”

Zombie Run Pose

I was in the 2nd group. The 10Kers. You know I had to strike a pose!


And GO!

Zombie Run Go

I thought I was the only one with a fancy smacy watch. Whodaknewd?

The weather was actually perfect, all my work family had come to join me and I was feeling good.  I actually did not have any issues, other than wishing I were faster, but I think that will always be in my head.

I had made my first race goal……Start!

It was pretty much smooth sailing.  I have done 6 + miles before during training.  I didn’t have a care in the world.  All I had to do was run Liz run. Well it more of a Run Liz Walk Liz Run.  I am a walk/runner.  That works very well for me.

There weren’t any zombies along the course.  I think everyone wanted to run, so they probably would not have had enough people to do that.  Maybe next year.  They probably could get some of the Afghan workers to do it.  They look like zombies half the time.  :)

Zombie Run Boss

This is my boss. He lapped me about 4 times. He was originally slotted for the 5K, but decided to run the 10K. He is a running monster. Awesome Motivator.

Zombie Run Liz Run

Just Starting & Feeling Good.  I was running slowerrrrr for the photo op.

Zombie Run Pain

Starting to feel the pain. Only 2 miles. It takes that long for me to kick it in gear. I didn’t really get the kick today.

Zombie Run Dust

Eat my dust. I got a good pace going. 3 miles.

Zombie Run Water

Thank God for water stops. It is darn hard to drink and run. BTW the guy in the pictue ran the 21K.  You go Boy!

Zombie Run Go Lizzy

Almost done 5 miles down, 1 to go

Zombie Rune Drull

I think I am turning…help me…Was the Jim Jones Kool Aid…Oh No…I don’t want to be a Zombie…

Zombie Run Finish

That last lap was a killer. Finally, I am done. My fear was somebody telling me I had one more. OMG!

Zombie Run CPR

Stick a Fork in Me…I’m Done!

Actually I didn’t die and come back as a zombie or have a heart attack.  That is just the drama queen in me rearing it’s ugly little head.  The overall race was fantastic.  It was well organized.  The course was not marked and I did go the wrong way at first, but I corrected quickly so it really didn’t have an effect on my overall time.  It was super flat which I love.  The last 5K I ran had enough hills for 10 races.  I deserved a flat one.

Would I do it again….HELL YEAH!

I had a blast. I got to run, be with my work family, and be the drama queen I always wanted to be.

As for my other 2 goals:

Finish – Did it..No issues

Not be last – I actually beat some people.  WOW!

Zombie Run Conquor

All proceeds go to the “The Zombie Sore Support Group”

Time to relax and make cookies for the Halloween party tomorrow.  My work is never done, I swear!  :) I am sure there will be some zombies there.  :twisted: Hint…Hint…

Your Lurvly Zombie Lizzy

Zombie Run Time

Nike + Pacing

Very happy with my pace.

Zombie Run 2012 Pace Nike +

Zombie Run 2012 Pace Nike +

My PR/PB 1hr 25.11 min

Zombie Run Question:

Are you doing any zombie runs this year?

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