FD208 – Superman Sighting in Bali…I Saw Him…Really!

Superman Sighting
I told you I saw him.

Superman sighting you say?  OK, maybe it was not a real superman sighting, but I think it was close.  :-? Yes I have more pictures from my Ubud, Bali trip.  You know how us bloggers roll. Have camera will take pictures of everything.  The limited connectivity in Bali made it difficult to post regularly.  I still did a fairly good job of posting some of my most memorable moments while there.

On this day, I decided I would take a walk around Ubud.  I didn’t need no stinking car.  Of course it was darn hot out, so I got an umbrella from the registration desk and set off for an on foot sightseeing adventure.  Plus I needed to keep it moving since I really couldn’t do any running at the time.  I am so glad I did.  It was very sunny despite the rain clouds in the sky.  I had decided that I would do the flesh-eating fish pedicure today, but I chickened out.  I know if I had a buddy with me I would have. I just couldn’t do it.  So that item remains on my list of things I wanted to do in Bali.

Another holiday away from home.  I am never thrilled about that.   I really miss being home for the holidays, but I sure was not complaining when I was hanging out at the pool, leisurely reading my book & sipping on whatever was cold at the time. It is probably better that I was not, because  I most assuredly would have been stuffing my face.  You know Thanksgiving dinner is like Sunday dinner on steroids.  :) Oh well, there was still my superman sighting.  That made it special.

Well I will tell the rest of the story though my pics for the day.  Enjoy.  More to come on a later post.  Yes there is more.  :) Don’t forget to tell me what you think & thanks for joining me on my journey.  :lol:

I must have walked about 7 miles today.  My walk was draining and I was tired when I got back to my room.  I ended the day by watching a couple of episodes of Super Natural TV show and crashed.

Your Walkabout Lotus Lizzy  :)

Superman Sighting questions:

Have you every had a Superman Sighting?

Were you sad when they killed off the comic book Superman?

FD202 – Happy Weekend & Some Random Thoughts

Happy Weekend
Supermodel Lizzy emerging from bath time.

I decided that sitting around and doing nothing can be OK sometimes.  I am starting to wind down from this fabulous adventure.  Pretty soon it will be back to the same ole thing.  I’m trying not to give that much thought.  I am however reflecting on this moment in my life and how I got to this point.

I don’t know if I always had the travel bug in my blood, but I can say that I knew I wanted to get away.  There is not much going on where I was born and raised.  I knew there had to be more and I was going to find a way to see it.  So far I have been to some pretty amazing places.

I wish I had started this blog a looooong time ago.

I wish I had someone who had the means to travel with me on this adventures.

I wish I had I could vacation all the time.

I can honestly say I worked hard to be able to get  to where I am.  If you think you can’t afford to go on a vacation, then think again.  If you save you duckies over a period of time, you can do it.  If you meet some people that live all over the world that makes traveling even easier.

I miss my family.

I don’t want to go back to work but I have too.

Time to start thinking about my next adventure.  I have to go home first in Jan.  That is an adventure in itself.  I think the next big trip will be China if I am re-contracted on this current job.  That will be this summer.  I can get my Chinese visa while I am in the states. It is not easy to get a visa to go to china.  I am figuring that out.  I am determined to go there.  I don’t have any intentions on staying there as long as I have stayed in Bali.  Can you say totally relaxed, I am.  :)

Happy Weekend
Veggie Samiches. Yum!

As you can see, I was just chilling and doing a little blogging.  Reading blogs are like taking a peek into a window of someones life.  Plus it seems like bloggers always have something cool, funny or just down right ridiculous to say.  :)

Happy Weekend
Aftermath survivor of the lizard army last night.

That all the random thought for today.  I am still boring on uploading more pictures and doing some additional Ubud Bali post.  Can you believe there is more?  Me either.  Next time I think I am going to invite some guest bloggers to help me out.  :)  I think that would be fun.  Until the next post:

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Your Lizzy Living in the Lap of Luxury :)

Happy Weekend & Random Thoughts Question:

Is it hard for you to just do nothing?

What does one of those days look like for you?

FD199 – Bali Volcano .. Crater Lake…Springs… Movie Site

Bali Volcano
Bali Volcano

Today is volcano day.  This is one place that is on my list.  There are several volcanoes in Bali.  As usual here the morning is lovely and the views from my room take your breath away.  The sun hasn’t had a chance to cook everything so the air has a nice coolness.  Not cool, but coolness.  :)   Today as I looked out, I was able to see two of the volcanoes.  I was very surprised because I didn’t know you could see them from here.  I am the only person in this compound that is high enough to even see them. That is very cool.  I am really enjoying my room and stay.

Bali Volcano
This shot was from my veranda. this is the only day, I have been able to see the volcanoes from my room. I did not even know you could see them from here. WOW!

Before we arrived there I asked my driver to show me the village where Eat, Pray, Love was shot.  Off we went.  Of course he could have taken me anywhere.  One rice field looks like another here and they are all very beautiful.  I think it is the green that I am loving.  I have not been anywhere else that has the lush vegetation like here.  I am really enjoying the slowness of this culture.  It is very nice.

Bali Volcano
Rice Field.

My Driver also said that he actually met Julia Roberts.  He said she stopped and spoke to everyone in the village.  He said she is a very nice lady.  I believe him.  She doesn’t seem like a super diva, but I’m sure there is a little in her.  :) Any way the  countryside is something to see, even if it is really all farm land.

It seems like we went up, up, up for a really long time.  Then, there it was the majestic volcanoes.  See the pics at the end.  I love sightseeing, especially when it involves natural wonders.  Love it, love it, love it!  Once we arrived at the natural springs, I paid an entrance fee, was given a towel and some shampoo, and locker key and sent on my way.  This also included a free drink and of course a small snack is always given with your drink.  Today’s snack 2 yummy egg rolls.  I didn’t even bother to ask if they had meat.  I don”t think it did and it hit the spot.

Bali Volcano
Papua New Guinae Men.

We jumped in and enjoyed the warm water.  It was nice.  I love baths anyway so this was right up my alley.  :)  While we were basking in the warm spring waters a group of men and one young lady joined us, my driver and I.  They introduced themselves in broken English.  The men were from Papua New Guinea.  They seemed very anxious to talk to me.  You know, I know I am cute and everything, but damn.  :)  I later found out they were looking for, you know what?  To put it nicely…. hookers.  Those dirty dogs.  No hookin here so they moved on.  It still was very interesting to meet them.  On last note….I don’t think they had one good tooth between them all.  Yuck.  Can you say tooth brush please.  :oops:

Bali Volcano
This was lunch. At first I was so sure, but it was sooooo good. It is rice, curry fish and green veggies. It was super spice, but I love it. This is a Balinese dish.

My driver who BTW his nick name is Yoga.  Nicknamed by an American because Yoga loves to meditate.  I actually got some very good tips on meditation from Yoga.  OK on with the story.  Yoga was hungry so we stopped at small but quaint roadside Warung.  I wasn’t too sure if I really wanted to eat there, but when in Bali eat as the Bali people eat.  Especially if you are at a Bali Volcano. You don’t want to anger the Gods.  :)  Besides it was very delicious and I didn’t get sick.  :) I probably took a chance, but I didn’t die.  :)

After that I returned back to hotel to chillax.  I watch some Supernatural TV show, went to the pool and crashed.  No dinner.  I can live off my chubbiness for days without eating.

Bali volcano day pics for you to look at, at your leisure.  Enjoy! :)

Bali Volcano Questions:

Is it hard to believe a driver when he says he is taking you to a famous place? I want to believe.

Have you ever been to a volcano before? 

FD198 – Relaxing Ubud …Rest & Recharge

Relaxing Ubud
This guy is leftover from the lizard army last night. I think it is a moth.

I was supposed to leave relaxing Ubud and go to the volcano today, but my driver had a death in the family, so I a stuck here at the hotel.  Well not really.  I could get another driver if I realllllly wanted to.  Nope, I will just call this another recharge day. So here is the very short story:

  • It rain very bad last night, but not enough to keep me woke.
  • The veranda was a mess, but the staff cleaned everything up.  That sounds so hoidy  toidy, doesn’t it.
  • I had my breakfast as usual.  I never miss breakfast.
  • I found a Hindu offering at the base of the stairwell.  I really like those offerings.
  • Went for a walk out in the city.
  • Stopped at a restaurant for lunch.  It was OK.  I had a weird potato burger.  I think I will leave that here in Ubud when I go.
  • When I got back, it was tea time for me.
  • Then pool time.
  • I download Photoshop Adobe on to my computer so I could edit my pics.  I had it on my PC, but I needed for my Mac Book.  I really like that program.
  • Did me some blog reading today.  That was nice.  I was missing my blog friends.
  • I watched some Star Trek Voyager
  • Crashed.

Told you I did nothing. :)

Here are the not so exciting pics for today.

Relaxing Ubud Question?

If you were here in Ubud, would you try to see as much as you could or rest?

How important is rest to you?

FD197 – Walk in Ubud & a Surprise Upgrade

Today was pretty much a do nothing, rest & relax day.  Sometimes it is nice to not do anything.  I am still usually up with the chickens or should I say roosters.  Those roosters pretty much go at it all day long and there are plenty of them.  Unfortunately here they are used for cock fight so you will see them every where.  That is definitely not something I care to see.  So when I see one on the street, I whisper “Run Man, Run”  I don’t think he understands, but I have done my part at that point. :-P

Walk In Ubud Poolside
Blamo! I had the pool all to myself today.

I can’t swim a lick but I do enjoy the pool.  I just make sure to stay on the kiddy side.  Either the hotel in not full or people are out trying to cram in whatever sightseeing they can.  I prefer to take me a couple of days and just recharge.  I plan on spending most of the day doing that.  I got my book, some water and some sun.  I am actually sitting in the shade.  You know black people usually skip the whole tanning part of being outside if they can. Cause you know wheat toast burns just like white toast.  :) Maybe faster.


Walk In Ubud Bed
Now that is a bed.

While I was maxing & relaxing at the pool, I was approached by one of the ladies from reception.  She preceded to apologize for the inconvenience in the first room and gave me a coupon for a free dinner in the hotels restaurant, which by the way is excellent.  Then she says they would like to change my room again.  I was thinking to myself ” I’m not sure about that.”  I decided to go take a look.  The room was actually like the honeymoon suite.  JACKPOT.  :)

This room is the best room here.  It is on the third floor with a view out of this world. On a good day you can see the volcanoes from here.  You can look at the pictures to see what it looks like.  It has a huge veranda, a kitchenette, sitting area and dinning area.  The room has too outdoor entrances, on the the room and one to the bathroom.  There is another balcony on the other side of the bathroom.  The room has a king size bed, sitting area and desk with a huge picture window with yet another view.  The bathroom has a jetted tub, shower and large place to put all your stuff.  Was I happy?  Yes.  Will I have to pay more? No.

I have the same discounted rate.  JACKPOT! :)  It took two minutes to move my stuff.  I had help of course.  I was very happy. :)

So I decided to go take a short stroll jut to get moving a bit after my fantabulous move.  I came back to the hotel and took a bath in my jetted tub. And watched The Spider Man movie. Then crash.  All that moving on pool time drained my energy.  ;-)

Check out today’s pics.

Today turned out all right don’t you think.

Walk in Ubud & a Surprise Question?

Do you think I made the right decision to stay here after my bug scare?

What do you think of my new digs?

FD196 – Ubud Bali Dance Tour & a Sweet Surprise

The Ubud Bali Dance Tour was great.  I saw a lot today.  But first let me apologize for the unintentional  misspellings in my recent post.  I will go back an fix them later.  The internet was working pretty good, so I wanted to get as much done as I could.  Fast.  Fast is the operative word and not perfect.  :) Here ya go.

Here is a very short teaser video of the Bali Dance Show I saw today.


Ubud Bali Dance Tour Highlights…. Not in perfect order.  :)

  • Went to a traditional Balinese home.  It is like a mini compound.  The whole family live there, mother, father, children & grands.  Don’t let me forget the livestock and chickens.  Can chickens be considered live stock.  I don’t know. All homes have to have a census tag outside the door that states how many people live in the mini compound.  I don’t know if that would work in the states.  Sounds a bit too big brotherish.
  • Saw lots of rice fields.  They are actually incredibly beautiful. I learned a lot about rice on this day.  I never really knew how it was grown or harvested.  It is almost harvested like wheat.
  • There are Hindu temples on every corner.  So I guess there is no reason not to worship. If you visit one, you have to have a sarong on and not be menstruating.  That is the rule anyway.
  • There are offerings everywhere you look. In my opinion it is a sign of respect to the gods.
  • Went to a waterfall.  It was not all that, but the views were amazing.
  • Saw many rice terrace which the driver claims is natural and not man made.  I doubt that.  They really look man made.
  • Pass a small cemetery. In this area, when a person passes away they are cremated.  If you can not afford to be cremated you go to the ground.  It is really expense for a person to be cremated here.  I guess the families find a way because that cemetery is really small.
  • Visited a wood carving place.  The carvings are made from hard woods such as hibiscus, ebony & mahogany.  The detailed work is very amazing as well.  The carvers got some skills.  :)
  • I saw a dog that looks exactly like my dog.  I miss my dog.  :(
  • I went to a Balinese coffee farm and did some tasting of coffee and tea.
  • We also went to the elephant temple.  Not very remarkable.

A Sweet Surprise after the Ubud Bali Dance Tour….

When I got back to the room I found flowers everywhere and there was a note on the bed.  You can check it out in the pictures below.  I thought it was very sweet.  I still missed the first room, but not enough to want to stay in there ever again.  :)

That is it for the Ubud Bali Dance Tour.  I did a lot today.

Also the pics are sort of out of order, but I think it will be ok. You can whine and complain by way of comment.  :)  I love you guys comments.  :)

It was not really a Ubud Bali Dance Tour.  I hired a driver to shlep me around all day.  It is cheaper that way.  Another day down.  Darn.  I had a good time.

Your Dancing Around Town or should I say Country Lotus Lizzy :)

Ubud Bali Dance Tour Questions:

When you come to Bali what would be a must see?  I really wanted to see the dancing and the volcano. 

What do you think of the hotel apology?


FD195 – Lotus Blossom Ubud Continuation & New Day

Lotus Blossom Ubud Lotus Blossom
See I really did see an actual lotus. They were beautiful.

Lotus Blossom Ubud continuation of  bug saga from yesterday.  I really don’t like writing about negative stuff, but in away it helps me to stay positive.  Today is a new day.  Enjoy the pics at the end of the post.

Lotus Blossom Ubud on a Mission…

I commenced to go through my remaining belongings.  I don’t want to take any critters back with me. My plan is to check everything every couple of days, just in case.  I know you are asking yourself, why I didn’t just move.  The truth is I don’t want to jump out of the pan & into the fire.  We are in what is pretty much jungle folks.  No telling what I will run into next and this is an incredible property and very well maintained. (minus the bug problem in room 6) :(

Lotus Blossom Ubud Gets What She deserves ( no tantrums needed)…

So after I completed my inspection the findings….nothing.  I went on with my day.  I intend to have a great vacation Dagnabit.  The manager claims this is the first time this has happen.  I find that hard to believe.  Maybe the last people just did not say anything.  I don’t buy it for a second.  I will say these people have been extremely helpful.  Maybe because I did not try to rip anyone’s head off.  I did request that my room rate be reduced which was agree too.  I got 15% off the daily rate with is great, but the 2nd room really isn’t as great as the first.  So I don’t think I am winning there.  I will also ask for the Laundry cleaning to be paid by the establishment.  I will still request that my fist 2 nights be comped.  I am not done yet.

Any who check out the rest of my day:

•    Laundry
•    Inspected all items
•    Met with my new friend KoKo
•    Breakfast
•    Walked in Ubud & stopped at a small bookstore
•    Ate Lunch at the Lotus Place
•    Took Bath & Nursed my gazillion bites
•    Watched some episodes of “Once Upon a Time TV Show” – On my computer.
•    Had dinner with KoKo, she is flying home tonight, DARN!
•    Read some pages of my new book.
•    Watched some more “Once Upon a Time TV Show
•    Crashed

Enjoy the pics!

Lotus Blossom Ubud New Day Question:

What type of books do you like to read?

If you met someone on vacation would you hand out with them?

FD 194 – Lotus Blossom UBud Bug Story

The lotus blossom Ubud (the name I have dubbed myself) has a story to tell, but don’t worry by the time you read this I will be on my way to recovery, mentally and physically.

First of all remember the zombie bug bites, well I believe it turned out to be bed bugs. That’s right bed bugs. :( They were eating away at me in my sleep. I had been setting around doing nothing and decide to do a bit or research on my mysterious bites. I know I am not allergic to anything, cause I am tough like that, so I know it had to be some strange exotic bug inhabiting Indonesia. After doing my research and looking at my arms that were literally covered with bites, I came to the determination that it had to be bed bugs. All roads lead to my conclusion.

My hand with mysterious bites.

Lotus Blossom Ubud have Flashlight will Travel…

Me being me, having lived in a military environment, pulled out my handy, dandy, trusty flashlight, which I always carry. I commenced to inspecting the bed. Sure enough what looked like bed bugs to me were crawling on the wooden headboard. I know what they looked like, cause I had just googled them. SHOCK & HORROR. Off to the reception desk I went to share my findings. A member of the staff returned with me and confirmed that there were indeed bugs on the bed. Of course they have no idea what a bed bug is, so I had to give them all a class. They immediately changed my room, help me move and pretty much apologized more than anyone should have too. I must admit, I was pretty freaked out, but I still manage to keep my wits about me.

Lotus Blossom Ubud not Taking Any Chances…

You know I gave the new room the once, twice, three times over. I went through every item like I was on the CSI TV show. I sent all my luggage and most of my clothing out to be cleaned. What I had left, I stuck in the extremely hot water in the bath tub to include my shoes.

Lotus Blossom Ubud a Down but Not Out…

My new room was nice, but not as nice as the first. It did not have a desk, there was really no place to put my clothes. FYI, bug infested room was room 6, new room is room 8 in another building. It also did not have the private veranda. Anywho the next morning I was up bright an early. I was a bit paranoid at this point, so the first thing I did was check myself for new bites. It appears the cost is clear.

More on the zombie bug drama in the next post.

Lotus Blossom Ubud Bug Story Question:

Have you encountered strange bugs on your travels?

FD193 – Vacation Tooth Ache Drama in Ubud Bali

My Lunch.
My Lunch.

Vacation toot ache drama – Here we ago again.  I will give you the short story for today’s .  Pictures at the end of post.

  • Woke up this morning in excruciating pain.  I have never had a tooth ache, but I can tell you it is super painful. That’s not a good way to start the morning.  I took some  Advil and head out for help.  I will be darned if I let a tooth ache keep me done.  Dagnabit.  :-x  Who has a vacation tooth ache at the very beginning of their holiday.
  • I went to the front desk to send up smoke signals for assistance. They said, in broken English  “no problem, dental clinic down the hill on the left.”  I always wonder if they really understood what I was asking.  Sure enough it was were they said it was. Guess what they only have one dentist and she would not be there until 7 pm.  Holly crap.  I was so disappointed.  Oh well, I got enough Advil to get me through the day.  That works pretty well.
  • I also discovered that my arms are being eaten  by zombie bugs.  I don’t know when, but I have a thousand bytes. I need to get some insect repellent ASAP!
  • I strolled around for most of the day.  My vacation tooth ache was not an issue.  I just kept popping pills like a junky.  :)
  • I had lunch.  Nothing stops me from eating.  I wish it did then I would not be so chubby.  :)
  •  I inquired about place to purchase swim suit. Once again the hotel staff gave me spot on directions.  I began my trek.  I can’t swim, but I really wanted to get in the pool.
  • Strolled to market all up hill, I swear.  When you leave from the hotel, you have to go down hill to the main strip and then it is up hill, way up hill no matter which way you go.  Darn! I should have worn my Nike watch because I know I am getting in some serious walking miles.  Honestly.
  • I got the swim suit for a whole $10.  I also made a few additional purchase.  Food items of course and some cute sandals.  Then I came back, took a dip in pool.  Finally.  It was so nice.
  • Since free afternoon tea is included, I may as well have it.
  • Took nap because I was really sleepy.
  • I went back to dentist.  It was torture.  I had to get a pain shot in the roof of my mouth, it involve some digging & me crying like a baby. I got some better pain meds and antibiotics.  I think I may be done with the vacation tooth ache, I hope.
  • When I got back to the hotel, I Googled the meds I got to make sure they were on the up and up.  All was good, so I took them.  It kicked in immediately.  Yeah!  I felt better already.
  • Since I was feeling no pain, eating dinner was not an issue.
  • Did some blog reading & crashed.


Your Not So Much in Pain Lotus, Lizzy :)

Vacation Tooth Ache Drama Question:

Have you every had this type of drama on your vacation?

What is the worse thing that has happened to you on your vacation?   

FD192 – Ubud Bali Fantastic 1st Day

Having a great time.
Having a great time.

I decided that I will give you some highlights for my first day in Ubud Bali.  Don’t worry pictures are at the end of post.  :) I found it easier to post them in one lump sum.  :)

  • Washed Hair
  • Went to Breakfast
  • Met a new friend.  Her name is KoKo and she is from Australia.  I love Australian people.  They are so friendly.  We decided to hang out together today here in sunny, very sunny Ubud Bali.  She has been here before so she gave me some tips on what to do and what to see.
  • First things first.  We went to the SPA.  You know I have never been to a spa before, so I was down.  Plus, there is no way I am wearing sandals until the toes are done.  If I showed you a before picture, you would never read my blog again.  Oh the horror.  :)
  • The Spa sent a driver to pick us up, Free.  That was right on time.  I think I’m going to like this place.  When we got there we were directed down this back alley.  Uh oh.  But wait, there was chickens and some chicks.  Awwww.  That is so sweet.  Then we got to the actual place.  It was very nice and clean.  I originally was only going to have my nails and hair done, but I ended up getting the ear candle wax thing done.  It was awesome.  That really works.  I’m going to have to learn how to do that myself.  I hate ear wax and a lot came out.  Yuk! :) I had to come all the way to Ubud Bali to try it.  Whodaknewd. :)
  • The Spa also threw in a back massage and some tea & cookies.  I felt like I hit the jackpot.  I was very happy.  :-D
  • We went back to the hotel and caught some scooters to the center of Ubud Bali.  Nope, I did not drive.  We paid some people to take us.  There is someone every five steps wanting to give you a ride.
  • I was looking for a swimming suit or swimmer as KoKo would say, but of course they were all too small and way too expensive.  So this trip was more of a window shopping trip for me.
  • We walked back, which I enjoyed.
  • I commenced to blogging.
  • And Crashed.

See pictures below.


Finally I got most of the pictures to post.  Oh well.  There will be more soon.

Your Looking Good Lizzy :)

Ubud Bali Question:

What would you have done on your first day?

What do you think about doing nothing?