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FD208 – Superman Sighting in Bali…I Saw Him…Really!

Superman Sighting

I told you I saw him.

Superman sighting you say?  OK, maybe it was not a real superman sighting, but I think it was close.  :-? Yes I have more pictures from my Ubud, Bali trip.  You know how us bloggers roll. Have camera will take pictures of everything.  The limited connectivity in Bali made it difficult to post regularly.  I still did a fairly good job of posting some of my most memorable moments while there.

On this day, I decided I would take a walk around Ubud.  I didn’t need no stinking car.  Of course it was darn hot out, so I got an umbrella from the registration desk and set off for an on foot sightseeing adventure.  Plus I needed to keep it moving since I really couldn’t do any running at the time.  I am so glad I did.  It was very sunny despite the rain clouds in the sky.  I had decided that I would do the flesh-eating fish pedicure today, but I chickened out.  I know if I had a buddy with me I would have. I just couldn’t do it.  So that item remains on my list of things I wanted to do in Bali.

Another holiday away from home.  I am never thrilled about that.   I really miss being home for the holidays, but I sure was not complaining when I was hanging out at the pool, leisurely reading my book & sipping on whatever was cold at the time. It is probably better that I was not, because  I most assuredly would have been stuffing my face.  You know Thanksgiving dinner is like Sunday dinner on steroids.  :) Oh well, there was still my superman sighting.  That made it special.

Well I will tell the rest of the story though my pics for the day.  Enjoy.  More to come on a later post.  Yes there is more.  :) Don’t forget to tell me what you think & thanks for joining me on my journey.  :lol:

I must have walked about 7 miles today.  My walk was draining and I was tired when I got back to my room.  I ended the day by watching a couple of episodes of Super Natural TV show and crashed.

Your Walkabout Lotus Lizzy  :)

Superman Sighting questions:

Have you every had a Superman Sighting?

Were you sad when they killed off the comic book Superman?

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