FD190 – Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review

Clean, Comfy Bed
Clean, Comfy Bed


Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review.  I had to make a pit-stop on my journey to Ubud Bali.  Since my layover was 10 hours long in Dubai, I though I would book a room at one of my favorite hotel chains.  I normal stay at the Premier Inn Airport, but all the rooms were booked for the day.  I ended up at a different location.  I love the brand so I figure it would not be a big deal.

Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review Features & Amenities…..

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pool
  • Shuttle Service to beach, city & Shopping Malls.  No airport shuttle.
  • Air-conditioning
  • Private Bathroom with bathtub & shower.
  • 32-inch flat screen TV
  • Work Desk
  • Tea & coffee making station
  • In house restaurant, Bedouinn’s Bistro
  • Bar
  • Room Service
  • 25 Min to Airport
  • Free Parking
  • 230 Rooms

When I got to the hotel, I was surprised at how out of the way the hotel was.  It is not in walking distance to anything.  I was really just passing through so it was not that big of a deal.  There was no bell man to assist me with my bags at the door, which I thought was strange.  I have stayed at other Premier Hotels and the service was always excellent.  The check in was quick. Again there was no bell staff to assist.

I found my room easily.  I was given an nonsmoking double room.  All pictures below are the actual room I stayed in.  This room set me back 125 USD to include tax.  This not a bad price.  The room was very well maintained and modern.  That is one reason I like Premier hotels.  However the air conditioning in this unit was not functioning properly.

I called twice to request that maintenance come to fix.  It took about 40 minutes for someone to arrive.  The air conditioning  temperature controller was malfunction, so the maintenance staff fixed it.  I was not happy I had to give up my private time to the maintenance man.  He was polite and courteous.  It didn’t take long for him to complete his work and he was off.  Over all the room had everything that I needed.

The hotel also touts it’s eco-friendliness, by requesting you reuse your towels to reduce laundry.  It also has soap dispensers instead of bars of soap.  This  is much more sanitary in my opinion and I am sure it saves the hotel money as well.  It has a large soaking bathtub and shower.  Water is free, coffee & tea are also provided at the coffee station in the room.  Mini bar is available also.

I ordered room service, but I must say it was pretty bad.  I order fish and chips and is was just one huge globe of fish and fries.  Totally not what was advertised.  Room service was not unreasonably slow, but the staff pretty much threw the food in the room and took off. I never seen room service staff leave before setting everything up and waiting for a tip.  This guy didn’t do any of that.

Here are some pictures for the Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review….


See more info on bookings.com.  That is how I booked my reservation.

Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review Rating Overall

3 or 5  The staff seemed to be pretty new and in experienced.  Staff slow to respond to maintenance call.

Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review Room Service Rating Overall 

1 of 5  I don’t think I would try the room service again at this hotel.

The staff is super friendly and extremely helpful. I would definitely try to stay at the Airport Hotel next time.

Your Globetrotter Lizzy :)

Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review Questions?

Have you ever stayed at an Premier Inn before & what was your experience if you did?

Do you have any question additional questions about my stay?

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