FD190 – Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review

Clean, Comfy Bed
Clean, Comfy Bed


Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review.  I had to make a pit-stop on my journey to Ubud Bali.  Since my layover was 10 hours long in Dubai, I though I would book a room at one of my favorite hotel chains.  I normal stay at the Premier Inn Airport, but all the rooms were booked for the day.  I ended up at a different location.  I love the brand so I figure it would not be a big deal.

Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review Features & Amenities…..

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pool
  • Shuttle Service to beach, city & Shopping Malls.  No airport shuttle.
  • Air-conditioning
  • Private Bathroom with bathtub & shower.
  • 32-inch flat screen TV
  • Work Desk
  • Tea & coffee making station
  • In house restaurant, Bedouinn’s Bistro
  • Bar
  • Room Service
  • 25 Min to Airport
  • Free Parking
  • 230 Rooms

When I got to the hotel, I was surprised at how out of the way the hotel was.  It is not in walking distance to anything.  I was really just passing through so it was not that big of a deal.  There was no bell man to assist me with my bags at the door, which I thought was strange.  I have stayed at other Premier Hotels and the service was always excellent.  The check in was quick. Again there was no bell staff to assist.

I found my room easily.  I was given an nonsmoking double room.  All pictures below are the actual room I stayed in.  This room set me back 125 USD to include tax.  This not a bad price.  The room was very well maintained and modern.  That is one reason I like Premier hotels.  However the air conditioning in this unit was not functioning properly.

I called twice to request that maintenance come to fix.  It took about 40 minutes for someone to arrive.  The air conditioning  temperature controller was malfunction, so the maintenance staff fixed it.  I was not happy I had to give up my private time to the maintenance man.  He was polite and courteous.  It didn’t take long for him to complete his work and he was off.  Over all the room had everything that I needed.

The hotel also touts it’s eco-friendliness, by requesting you reuse your towels to reduce laundry.  It also has soap dispensers instead of bars of soap.  This  is much more sanitary in my opinion and I am sure it saves the hotel money as well.  It has a large soaking bathtub and shower.  Water is free, coffee & tea are also provided at the coffee station in the room.  Mini bar is available also.

I ordered room service, but I must say it was pretty bad.  I order fish and chips and is was just one huge globe of fish and fries.  Totally not what was advertised.  Room service was not unreasonably slow, but the staff pretty much threw the food in the room and took off. I never seen room service staff leave before setting everything up and waiting for a tip.  This guy didn’t do any of that.

Here are some pictures for the Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review….


See more info on bookings.com.  That is how I booked my reservation.

Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review Rating Overall

3 or 5  The staff seemed to be pretty new and in experienced.  Staff slow to respond to maintenance call.

Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review Room Service Rating Overall 

1 of 5  I don’t think I would try the room service again at this hotel.

The staff is super friendly and extremely helpful. I would definitely try to stay at the Airport Hotel next time.

Your Globetrotter Lizzy :)

Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis Review Questions?

Have you ever stayed at an Premier Inn before & what was your experience if you did?

Do you have any question additional questions about my stay?

Hotel Booking Tips
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FD186 – Grabit Button Love / Swap & How to Make Your Own

Coming Up – The last leg of my travel to get to my Bali Adventure.

FD188 – Ubud Bali or Bust! I’m Finally on My Way

Ubud Bali
Need Sleep..Give Me Pillow.  I’m happy, really I am.

I’m not going to apologize for my long post at this point.  I don’t want to leave anything out.  After all this blog is for me & my peeps (you).  My people are all depending on me to give them all the details for this trip to Ubud Bali.  Plus I want you to have good info also for your future trip to Ubud Bali.  :) Now that I am on vacation life feels slower & my thoughts, not to mention creativity are flowing.  So I plan on writing as much as I can.  You can thank me later.

This is the first time that I’m actually writing a journal on the go, so to speak.  This is definitely something new for me.  Once I get on the plane I plan on listening to some music.  My play list for the moment, India Arei.  I am so excited that can’t really sleep even though I only had 4 hours of sleep last night, hence the mug shot above.  At the same time I can’t really look ahead because it is like looking into the unknown.  It has a veiled feeling.

Note:  I Am Not My Hair, by India Arie – This song inspired me to go natural. This is for your listening entertainment. :)

I had originally thought to put my packing tips along with this post, but decided against it.  I knew I had a lot to say and I also knew I would forgo Wednesday rewind this week.  I wanted to focus on today.

Let me say, I am glad I stayed up late last night and got everything that needed to be done, done!  I took a quick shower this morning, got dressed, said goodbye to my packed up room, locked up & headed out to go to the airport.

And The Journey Begins to Ubud Bali…..

Our company has hired an awesome security team to shlep us to the airport which is nice.  I didn’t recognize the guard this morning.  He acknowledge that he had seen me running & dancing.  :)  That made me happy to be recognized as a real runner.  And the dancing part, well if there is music playing I will assuredly be moving something.  I smiled and responded “Yeap, that was me you saw.”

Ubud Bali
Kabul International Terminal. That’s the whole terminal.

I have to say I am so blessed to live in the US.  For all you US citizens that complain about airport security..

“Shut the F$@ up” (Sorry for almost :) cursing.  Sometimes that is the only way to get your point across.)

This is how my Afghan, airline, check in,  security point, whatever went…

  •  Body search to get on airport grounds
  • Guard Checks Passport
  • Get on bus to go to terminal
  • Bus drives for aprox 2 min, get off bus in front of terminal.  For some reason you can’t walk there.  :(
  • In terminal, body search AGAIN
  • Bags xrayed
  • Check in
  • Passport control to get exit stamp.
  • Guard checks passport AGAIN
  • Carry on bags are Xrayed AGAIN (This time I got the royal treatment and security physically went through all my bags.  That’s always fun.  :(
  • Finally the waiting area.  See picture above.
Ubud Bali
On to to plane.

Finally time to board the plane.  Oh wait.  Do you see the guy with the yellow vest on.  He is on the right hand side of the picture.  That’s right…He is another guard checking you know what…Passports AGAIN.  Can you say over kill.  I have to deal with this craziness everyday.

Finally on plane….say my take off pray (very important) AND WE ARE OFF!

Ubud Bali
The City of Kabul from the air.

Another blessing is not having to sit next to a stinky person on the road to Ubud Bali.  On an international flight, you never know what you’re going to get.  That is for sure.  I’m sure I was among the minority on the plane to be lucky enough not to have to hold my nose through the whole flight.  Oh the smells I have smelt.  :-x  Really you don’t want to know.

Ubud Bali
Breakfast is Served.

SURPRISE, we’re served breakfast.  I usually fly on Fly Dubai which is a Dubai based airline.  Their flights are OK, but nothing special. On Fly Dubai you have to purchase food if you want to eat.  Even then they only have snacks.  Also the ticket prices are higher.

Back to this flight.  This Airline is Safi Airlines which is the only reputable Afghanistan airline.  Breakfast was not bad at all.  The eggs actually tasted like someone just cooked them.

Ubud Bali
Carrot Jam..Whodaknewd!

I had to take a picture of jelly.  It is carrot jam.  I’ve never heard of that flavor.

Ubud Bali

Being the foodie that I am, I dug in.  It was super sweet, but surprisingly delicious.

Ubud Bali

I also had to take a picture of yet another version of this cheese.  It is Sporty Cow cheese.  I did a post about Happy Cow Cheese made in Afghanistan.  I believe they are all a knock off of Laughing Cow cheese.  They make knock offs of everything these days. Once again, same, same, but not so different.  :)

I made it to Dubai safely on my journey to Ubud Bali, but I need to cut this one here.

The next chapter or should I say next post will be a hotel review and more travel tips.

Until the next post.

Love, Peace, & UBud Bound Lizzy :)

 Ubud Bali or Bust Questions?

Have you ever heard of Carrot Jam?

What is the strangest thing you have had on an airplane?

FD187 – Packing Tips for the Expat on the Move

I  didn’t blog yesterday because I was busy wrapping up all the hanging chads in my office & room.  That is so appropriate for someone who lives in Florida, isn’t it?  I was suppose to change rooms & then I wasn’t, then I was & then I wasn’t.  AWWWWWW… :-x  OMG all my crap is still packed, but I didn’t move.  So when I get back I have to unpack everything.  I have come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff.  You know how hard it is to admit that. :(  I am in no way in denial.  Oh well…

Note:  I wrote this while I was on the plane so excuse the switching of word tenses.  I am going from past to present to past tense.

My thoughts for this morning….

I am so ready to get the heck out of here.  Now I just need to do some meditation to let go of all the crap that I am leaving behind.  I don’t want to think about it but sometimes I can’t help it.

Working overseas and going on vacation is like jumping off a cliff (the cliff being work) and jumping into cold water (the vacation).  There is nothing in between to buffer the transition.  Everything inside of you wants to hang on the that darn cliff like your life depended on it.  And then again sometimes work is like a bad dream that haunts you when you are sleeping and sometimes during your waking hours. Here are some packing tips to alleviate some packing stresses.

Packing Tips for the Expat on the Move…..

1. Make sure all your travel docs are in order.  This really should be done well in advance.

Packing Tips Indonesia Bali Ubud
Travel Docs up to date.

2. Make sure you inform your credit card company/companies and banks to let them know where you are going.  I was able to do this online.  I just had to fill out a simple form with dates, what country I would be visiting and contact info. Yours may require something different. If you have a decent bank, they will cut your card off, because of unrecognized usage.  Mark my words on this one.  Been there, done that.  :)

3. This is where you need to have mad skills.  If you think you need everything that you use on a daily bases, you are wrong.  You don’t.  I only packed twice this go round which is great for me.  So gather everything you WANT to pack together.

4. Now downsize.  Take some of that stuff out of the pack pile.  Believe me you can do without it.

Packing Tips Packing Try


5. Put everything in your bag.  And I mean everything to include your tooth brush.  I was able to get everything in on this step.

Packing Tips Winter Coat in Bag
This is my winter coat in space bag. Had to take it because it will be cool as all get out in Kabul when I get back.


6. Take everything out again.  Yes that is right, dump it out.  Don’t worry it will not take that long.  Just think about it.  Surely you can ditch a few more things.  :roll:

7.  Very Important, the close factor…Everything & I mean everything must go in plastic.  This is recycling at it’s best.  I always have some bags hanging out just waiting to be reused.  This is the perfect venue.  I also actually purchased some Space bags that are made specifically for putting in your luggage.  They are great, but not necessary.

I also reuse my Ziploc bags so I have tons of them also to use for packing.  You can put your socks, underware, tolietries and the kitchen sink if you have not downsized it out into plastic also.  When you get done your bag will look like your grandmothers sofa that nobody sits on, that has that thick layer of plastic, that is in the living room nobody uses.  :)

Packing Tips
It is about 12 items in that bag. I did good.

It is better to be safe than sorry.  Besides your bag will be super organized & easy to close. Hence the close factor.

8. Next, don’t be afraid to lock up everything.  I know that anybody can get in those TSA locks, why make it easy for the criminals.  Just remember not to put your grandmother’s engagement ring or your birth certificate in your check in bag.  BAD, BAD, BAD idea.  A criminal will take as much time as they can to get the good stuff.

Packing Tips Luggage Locks
As you can see I have a lot of locks on this bag.

9. One of the best investments you can make is to get a portable scale.  If you have a bad back, this won’t work for you.  As you can see from the image above the is a hook that you use to suspend your luggage from.  The reading is quick so if you are strong enough it should not be a problem.  Just be careful and all will go well.

Packing Tips Portable Handheld Luggage Scale
This is the handheld luggage Scale I used. I needed my bag to be under 23Kg and it was actually 22.5Kg.

Since I travel so much I invested in this baby and it has paid for itself by saving me over baggage weight fees.  Make sure you always go online and check out what the airline weight limits are for the carrier you will be taking.

Sad story…

It is a story that I hate to tell, because it brings up feelings of embarrassment.  :oops:  This is where you benefit from “Life as I Live It”  Or should be living it.  :)  I don’t want you to pay an arm and a leg..so here it is… When I went to Africa, on one leg of the trip, I had to pay over $400 for over weight bags.  Which in my defense was because the airline had lost my bags and they did not return it to me for 4 days.  So I had to get some more clothes.  Big mistake as you can see.

Yes the tears were a flowin that day.  I couldn’t believe it.  So don’t do as I did.  :(

10. Don’t wait until the last minute if you can help it.  That is a sure fire way to forget something.  Have your bags by the door or in the car ready to go.

This is what works for me, You should try it, It just might work for you.

Stay tuned for Part II  of today’s post.  I need a nap.  :)

Also don’t forget to join in on the Gabit Button Swap.  (Grabit Button Luv/Swap)

Your Expat on the Move Lizzy :)

Packing Tips Questions?

Do you have some packing useful packing tips to share?

Do you have a packing disaster stories?

FD180 – Dubai Mall Aquarium Adventure

Dubai Mall Aquarium
I was supposed to be holding the shark up.

The Dubai Mall Aquarium is one of the places that I went too last year.  I was attempting to update some of the empty travel pages on the blog today.  I didn’t get too far .  I decided to use the update as my post for today.  The only travel that I have talked about it is my upcoming trip.  I always try to take a few pictures, let me tell it, where ever I go.  These are my souvenirs. I do travel more than most, but not as much as I would like.

There is lots to see in Dubai and it is no surprise that Dubai is dubbed the playground of the rich.  I am not rich by any means, but I can always manage to find something to do there. This trip was no different.

I have been to Dubai about a gazillion times, honestly.  I guess I should mention that this adventure was last year June 2011.  On this particular pass through I was on my way out to go home to the states for a much need R&R. At that time my company used the same hotel for all of it’s employees.  So it is no surprise that I would run in to my coworkers and old coworkers there.  It is a small world when it comes to military subcontracting.  Dubai was a sort of a staging point.  I ran across one of my friends and we decided to hit the New Dubai Mall and check out the Aquarium.

Dubai Mall Aquarium
The coral was beautiful. I wonder if it is all in the lighting. Maybe. If you look real hard you can see a store sign at the  back of the tank.

I have to say that a lot of things are overstated in Dubai.  The Dubai Mall Aquarium was amazing however.  It is actually pretty big to be in a mall.  One could get a glimpse of the fishies without paying an additional fee, but I wanted to go inside.  We forked over some cash (approx. $10) and went inside. You can take a walking tour, which I did or you can ride in a glass bottom boat.    That’s right a glass bottom boat in the Mall.  Of course you pay more for the extras.  What will they think of next?

Here are some more pictures of the Dubai Mall Aquarium tanks :

It was a remarkable trip.  I was amazed at the variety of the the aquarium wild life.  Well I guess they aren’t so wild being coped up in that tank.  :( It looked like everything was well kept.  It was a change of pace for me.

Dubai Mall Aquarium
Rain Forest Cafe in Dubai Mall

After we lurked at the fish for about an hour, we when to the Rain Forest Cafe.  I was surprised that they had one in Dubai.  I have been to one in the states before.  I hate to say it but it was the worse restaurant experience I ever had.  The food was horrible and service sucked beyond belief.  Don’t go there if you are passing through or going on vacation.  You will not be happy mark my words. :(

Sometimes I don’t even leave my hotel room there.  Believe me, that is because I have been there a gazillion times. :) You would not believe me if I told you the real number, but it is close to gazillion.

Your Lurvly Underwater Lizzy :)

Dubai Mall Aquarium Adventure Question:

When is the last time you have been to the an aquarium?

It that type of adventure too kiddy for you?