Cleanup Your Act….10 Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits

Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits.  Say that 3 times, fast, while chewing bubble gum, jumping up and down and patting your head.  It can’t be done, so don’t try. :)

Green Cleaning Habits
Soap Box Sunday

I’m going to get straight to it on this Soap Box Sunday.  One thing I would like to say, and this is my own opinion, is that cleaning product manufactures are not your friends.  They don’t give a crap about you or your family.

They only care about you purchasing what they have to sell and purchasing a lot of it.  Haven’t you wondered why they don’t truly make one product you can use for everything.  It’s all about marketing people. They could do it if they wanted to, but where is the profit in that?  😕

One baby step, which by the way has saved me a ton of money, is to ditch the cleaning products.  I put all the products in a box and let my non-green friends and family take what they wanted.  I didn’t want to throw anything away.  That would be a waste and that was a couple of years ago.

Then I began my journey to make cleaning up my cleaning act.  Now days I use plant based products or make up my own concoctions to clean with.  So far I’ve been pretty happy with the results.

Green Cleaning Habits
My Microfiber Mop

10 Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits

  1. Stop the dirt from coming in or should I say slow it down.  How?   Leave your shoes at the door. There’s a lot of crap (literally coming in on them tootsies.  :)
  2. Consider using a plant based cleaner that you can truly use on every surface.  These products go a long way and one bottle of these type of cleaners take up a lot less room under the sink.
  3. I can’t say this enough.  Down with paper towels.  Use cloth napkins. I landed a bargain at an estate sale and purchased a few (about 20) for about 50¢ each. What a deal!
  4. Old throwaway clothes can be used as rags.  I cut them up and keep them in a bin for future use.  You won’t feel so bad if you need to toss them after use.
  5. Need clean air?  Make your own air freshener.  My nose is sensitive to heavy fragrances. I also know, when I smell those heavy scents, there are usually heavy chemicals drifting up my nostrils. Making your own can be done by simply adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to water. Put it in a spray bottle and you have instant air freshening that won’t singe your nose hairs.
  6. Floors can be cleaned with a simple broom and or a microfiber mop.  An example is the Starfiber StarMop Wet/Dry Microfiber Cleaning Kit The microfiber mop can be used on dry and wet surfaces.  Then you throw the cloths in the laundry basket once you are done.  They are reusable.
  7. Speaking of laundry, why not make your own laundry soap.  I did.  (Making your own laundry soap) This is truly a money saver.  Imagine not having to purchase laundry detergent for months.  Trust me you will want to look into this. The added benefit is knowing what it is made of.
  8. OK, toilet bowels do have stubborn stains and nasty germs.  All you need is 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar.  That’s it.  Let is set in the toilet for a bit and swish and scrub and it is a wrap.
  9. You can also make your own dishwasher soap with Borax and washing soda.  Money in your pocket, I would say.
  10. Consider washing laundry when you get a full load.  Keep in mind not everything needs to be washed after each use.  This will preserve the life of your washables.
Green Cleaning Habits
Purchased at an estate sale.

There you have it, 10 Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits.  I’ve tried them all, and they all work for me.  Don’t want to try them all?  That’s Ok.  Try one.  Baby step folks…..Baby steps   :)

Be Green Folks

Your Green Boot Gal

Liz Sign


Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits Questions:

Do you think you will try any of the tips above?

What’s your favorite green cleaning habit?

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FD260 – Green Juice & Moving on Soap Box Sunday

Soap-Box-Sunday Green Juice is what I’m into these days.  I’m constantly reinventing the way I do things.  One of them is to green up the way I eat.  I am a pretty unhealthy eater, although I’m vegetarian.  I must admit I’m a junk food vegetarian.

I haven’t been in denial about that at all. I also am constantly trying to creatively think of ways to green up my diet. Green Juice is what I am dabbling into at this time.

I have never juiced a day in my life. BUT, I do own a great juicer.  I just never had the opportunity to use it.  Now I have no excuse.  Meet my new friend.

Green Juice
My New Buddy

Green Juice here I come……

Green Juice
At the Farmer’s Market to pick up my veggies.

First I headed to the farmer’s market to get veggies.  I decided to grabs some great big beets among others.  That is a new one for me.  The selection is great here.

Green Juice
Gathering up all my juicing ingredients.

I gathered up my equipment and the initial ingredients for the Green Juice.  I had a recipe, but I modified it a bit.

Green Juice
Gathered up my Veggies

I chose 1 large beet, 3 carrots, 2 gala apples, lots of kale, a small piece of ginger, crammed it into the juicer and VOILA! Green Juice.

Green Juice
Too warm, put in refrigerator.

I tasted it and it was OK, but I thought it could use some refrigeration.

Green Juice
The juice was great.

I made it yesterday, but I drank it after my run today.  It was some very tasty green juice.  It yielded about 4 cups of juice.  My brother and me gave it a little taste yesterday before I refrigerated it.  I had enough left for that full glass you see above.  It turned out great.

I was told, which I didn’t know, that you can juice in a regular blender if you want to keep the fiber in your drink.  Keep in mind you need a heavy duty blender to do that, which I don’t have.  I will continue to use the juicer for now.  I think I have a new passion.  Of course that can change any day.  :)

Green Juice
Today’s Running Stats

Here are my stats for my 5 mile run today.  I haven’t run that far in months.  It was fantabulous! :) I also recorded a podcast while I was running.  Whodaknewd.  That will be posted later on today along with my video for day 3 of the video challenge that I’m doing.  You can view that over on my YouTube channel.  Also a bit later today.   If I had 15 arms and 5 computers I could have it all done at once.  :) :) :)

Current Podcast ( Will be update shortly)

My podcast topic and video are about moving.  The best exercise in the world is simply “Moving”.  So download the podcast and get outside.   It is beautiful today!

Green Juice
My son going roller blading.

Your Juicy on the Move Momma Lizzy :)

PS. Send me some juicing recipes.  Thxs :)

Green Juice & Moving Question:

What is your favorite green juice?

What is your favorite way to get moving?

FD241 – Infographic Time, 10 Green Tips & Soap Box Sunday

Soap Box Sunday
Soap Box Sunday

Soap Box Sunday is all about the small things you can do to make the environment around you better. Forget about the world.  :)

OK, I couldn’t resist.  I posted another great infographic on this Soap Box Sunday.  I kind of thought this one was very appropriate.  When people think of being green, they usually only think about ways to save the earth.  What about your very own body?

Most people don’t give a second thought as to how their actions affect their body.  Most of the time I don’t either.  When I do give it some thought, I feel bad.   It is at those times I say to self  “Self what have you been doing to fantastic body all this time.”

Before I go on, here is a some fun facts, 18 to be exact about the human body in infographic fashion.  I love those.  Read on……

Soap Box Sunday
Researched and produced by Advanced Physical Medicine – Chicago Bucktown Physical Therapy..

Yeah! Infographic Done.  Don’t worry, I’m am sure there will be more in your future here at LizForADay.  The human body has a lot going on doesn’t it.  We are such slepts, we treat our body’s like strangers, people that we don’t give a crap about….well….most of the time.

Here are 10 Ways I managed to green up my health and beauty supplies on not only Soap Box Sunday, but every day of the week:

I look for products that don’t contain petroleum.

I look for products that don’t have aluminum.

I stopped using cleaning products with the lovely toxic aroma of “kill your lungs” smell.

I use earth friendly bath products.  I love baths.

I use some non-formaldehyde nail polishes.  I still have some, but I’m much more conscious about the ingredients in the polishes, when making my purchases.

I use deodorant that does not contain aluminum.

I use a Vaseline type of product that dose not have petroleum.  You would be surprised at how much petroleum is used in all manufactured products.

I try to purchase green toothpaste & mouth washes.  Just think about out.  Your mouth is a direct path to your innards.

I stopped using toxic relaxers on my hair.

I must admit, I’m still hooked on the junk food, BUT I did give up eating all flesh except fish AND Yeap…I still consider myself a vegetarian.  That’s a whole nother talk show.  :)

I’m still on the hunt for green makeup & a good lotion.  I am open to any suggestions.
The point to all this is that every little bit helps.  Even if it does not really help the environment, it makes me feel better.  In my world that is all that counts.

I’m stepping off my soap box.

Peace Out!  From Your Hippy Lizzy :)

Soap Box Sunday Question:

Name one small thing you do to make your environment better?

Do you wish you were green like me?  :) 

FD238 – Virtual Races Save the Planet! …Soap Box Sunday

Virtural Races I was trying to figure out the best way to approach this subject of virtual races.  There are so many ways to be kinder to the planet.  Some people are already being kinder by just being practical and they may not even know it.

I have been looking feverishly for virtual races.  In case your are new to the LizForADay community you may not know that I work on a military base in Afghanistan.  It is a very small base so running is a challenge.  Forget about running events.  There are a few but not enough to make this runner happy.

In an attempt to run more for 2013 I wanted to have some races.  My bright idea was to run some virtual races.  I didn’t even know what a virtual race was until last summer.  Even then I didn’t pay that much attention to them when I ran across them during my veracious blog reading.

Virtual Races

In case you don’t know virtual races are basically races without a physical location.  Participants pick there own venues such as a treadmill in their home, a running trail in their community or where ever.  Most of the time there are charities involved to give donations to and sponsors who contribute swag for the participants in some form.

I am looking for suggestions.  I even thought of hosting my own virtual event, but I can’t figure out how to organize one.  If anyone can point me in the right direction, I will love you forever.

Virtual Races

With that said how can virtual races save the planet.  Well think about it.  You don’t have to fly or dive anywhere.  I just flew almost 8000 miles to the Disney 1/2 Marathon for the Walt Disney World 20 Anniversary Race Weekend.  That was only one way.  Yeah, I got a lot of sky miles.  How much gas, fuel emissions, pollution in the air do you think that poured into the atmosphere.  I guarantee you it was too much, I’m sure of it.

I did however drive my Toyota Prius to the event.  So I saved some carbon emissions from not flying in the air.  I guess I saved a leaf or two.  :)  Here is a link to some eco-friendly transportation  solutions.

There is no way I can not fly from Afghanistan to the states for every race of course.  I suppose I could take a very slow boat but that wouldn’t be practical at all.  Sometimes you can’t get around being a eco-pig.   Hee..Hee :)

 Virtual Races
Soap Box Sunday

Stepping off my soap box.  Hey let me know if you have any suggested virtual runs. I will keep you in the loop on my virtual race quest.

Your Soon to Be Virtual Running Lizzy :)

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Virtual Races Question:

Have you ever participated in a virtual race?

Have your ever organized a virtual race?

FD219 – Being Green is a Baby Step Away..Soap Box Sunday

Being Green
The second set of numbers are for Kabul in celsius. Burrrr…

It is hard to think about being green when it is getting cold outside.  OK, the temperature is starting to drop pretty good here.  That makes it even harder for me to wake up in the morning.  I love being in the warm bed all snuggled up with my pillow.  Although my mattress is pretty hard, I still don’t want to get up.   But you can’t get the day started if you don’t get the freak out of bed.  If you put one foot on the floor, you will usually be good to go, so that’s what I did.

Being Green
The snow is starting to stick here at Green Village Kabul

It is also hard to think about being green when the ground is turning white.  I pretty much had a feeling that it was time for the snow to start sticking.  I was contemplating wheather to wear my boots or not.  Really the ground only has a thin layer of snow, so I didn’t think it was necessary to break out the boots just yet.  You have to be careful where you step here.  There are actually speed bumps on the walkway because cars are allowed to drive down them under curtain curcumstances.  You really don’t want to get hurt out here.

Being Green
Santa Clause is Coming to Town

What the heck does being green have to do with a Christmas TV Show?  Well……I was watching Santa Clause is Coming to Town.  It really is a charming story and there were some parts that brought a tear to my eye.  I’m corney like that.  I love those old animated classics.  It reminded me of being a child.  My brothers and I would pop some popcorn on the stove in advance of the show and put our blankets in front of the TV in anticipation of the Christmas specials that was to come on that evening.  Of course I grew up in the snow and there was always a draft coming under the front door.  You don’t want to be the one stuck in the cold spot.


Put one foot in front of the other & Soon you’ll be walking cross the Floorororor…….


So what does this have to do with Soap Box Sunday, You are asking?  Well I was trying to think of a good hippism thought for today.  My overall thought was Baby Steps.  Lots of people consider being green, but they don’t know how to start & they are afraid that they won’t be able to keep up with the proverbial green Jones.   The only thing you need to remember is to start off with baby steps.

Being Green
Chris Kringle Singing to the Winter Warlock to step through the door.

The underlying message in the song, which I’m sure many of you know, is to take a leap of faith.  Just give being green a try.  You may really find some type of satisfaction by changing your actions.  Nobody will really notice the changes you make except you.  Your family will notice and maybe your children will look at things a lot differently if you set the example. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it may come as second nature to you to chose the green road.

My simple Being Green message on this Soap Box Sunday is this:

If you put one foot on the floor, you will usually be good to go…

You have to be careful where you step…

You don’t want to be the one stuck in the cold spot….

The only thing you need to remember is to start off with baby steps….

Take a leap of faith……..

It may come as second nature to you to chose the green road…..

The bottom line is………..Being Green is a Baby Step Away……  :)

Your Green Boots Gal Lizzy :)

Being Green
I’m stepping off my Soap Box.

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Being Green Baby Step Questions:

What are some baby steps you’ve taken to be a greener person?

Wasn’t this post witty?  :) :) 

FD213 – Hazardous Waste Pit in My Sink?..Soap Box Sunday

Hazardous Waste Pit
One of the first products that I integrated into my daily routine. Burt’s Bee Body Wash.

People don’t normally think of their sinks as a hazardous waste pit, but if you really look closely, it is.  Most of the time we don’t really give a second thought as to what goes into the health and beauty products that we use.  We focus more on the promises from the manufactures than what the contents are in the bottles.

Hazardous Waste Pit
Tom’s of Maine makes great products also. This is my mouthwash.

I’m not going to lie.  I’m as guilty as the next man or woman of not giving consideration to the chemical ingredients in the products that I use.  I can say that I have increasingly been aware of the growing availability of natural & organic products.  It is always nice to have some alternatives or should I say choices when it comes to consumer goods.

Hazardous Waste Pit
Seventh Generation also makes some fantastic cleaning products. My dish washing soap.

Manufactures are slowing coming on board to meet the demand of truly environmentally friendly products.  I wonder sometimes  if manufactures are labeling goods that are really not truly natural.  Even natural & organic product ingredient list use chemically sounding words.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t have a clue as to what the hootie hoo those words are. :)

Something else to consider is where those chemicals go after you wash them off your body.  It is not secret that I’m African-American.  Story……Not to far back I use to relax my hair.  The products used to process may kinky hair were harsh and the warning labels read like a Frankenstein horror story.  When I really gave some thought about what could be seeping into my skin, I immediately stop relaxing my hair.  Now think about where the relaxer goes after it is washed out.  It goes in to the sewage system and could eventually go back into the water supply.

Hazardous Waste Pit
I love this all natural shampoo. The product line is Kinky Curly. I swear by it.

That was my small part in polluting the water.  That is just an example of what I mean when I make the statement about hazardous waste pit in my sink.  I’m not trying to scare anyone.  I am just pointing out something you may not of thought of.  I’m not advocating that you throw every health and beauty product out that you think would be harmful.  I’m only advocating that you take baby steps to clean your act up.

Hazardous Waste Pit
I used my shower gel to make bubbles when I was in Bali. I have also been know to use my natural dish liquid to make bubbles. After all I know it won’t hurt me.

Everyday is a baby step for me.  I’m constantly on the look out for products that suit my needs and that are less harmful to me and my environment.  That is what works for me, you should try it, it just might work for you.  :)

Natural Vinegar Uses
I’m stepping of my Soap Box

Your Green Boots Gal Lizzy :)

Hazardous Waste Pit in My Sink Questions:

Do you think that considering your sink as a waste pit is a radical thought?

What are some of the great natural or organic products that you use these days?

If given the choice would you continue to use the, ol faithful products you’ve always used  or an environmentally friendly product that works just as good?

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FD206 – Natural Vinegar Uses for Your Cleaning Needs, Soap Box Sunday

Natural Vinegar Uses
Soap Box Sunday

Natural Vinegar Uses are the topic for today’s Soap Box Sunday, but I wanted to just talk a bit about my morning first.  I had an awesome wakeup this morning.  I was surprised that I didn’t have any problems getting up because I had a hard time going to sleep last night.  I’m going to have to work on that.  It is always like that if I blog up to the minute I lay down.  I think my brain is all wound up and my mind is still racing.

Are you one of those people who is always writing in their head?  Even when I was combing my hair, or should I say just shaping it cause I never really comb my hair 😳 ……Don’t judge me, I was thinking about writting a post about my thinning hair.  That sounds crazy but I’m admittedly crazy most of the time and I am a closet nerd like that.

Anyway, I actually decided to go for a run.  It was a pretty easy decision because I am super inspired by the podcast I listen to and the fitness blogs I read all the time.  People in general are so amazing to me.  I had to look hunt for my workout gear.  Remember I still have stuff packed for the move that didn’t happen.  I am concidering living out of my boxes.  :)  You know how much trouble it is to unpack stuff.  Bag ladies do it all the time. :) You don’t see them complaining.

First let me say when I stepped outsideall I could say was “DAMN!”  It was cold.  I pulled out my iPhone and checked the weather.  It was 30°F or -1°C.  Forgive me if my conversion is a bit off.  Don’t forget I only have a public school education.  :) Smiley faces I know how to do well, temperature conversions not so much.   I got to our company gym and it there were actually people there.  I usually have the whole place to myself.  I was forced to share DAGNABIT!  I actually share well with others.  My mother taught me well.

Natural Vinegar Uses
This is what I had to run after. Sexy huh? :) Not! Just kidding man.

I have not run at all since my Zombie Run 10K here on sunny Green Village Kabul at the end of October.  So I was not expecting much from myself.  I suprised myself just getting to the gym.  Yeah for Lizzy! :) I  decided to run at an easy pace for at least 2 miles.  I didn’t have a lot of time, so I figured 2 miles was good for the first day back. As I listened to the David Mathews Band’s album Crash , which was recommended to my by Step at KitchenKM Blog, I became a bit emotional.  I realized I really missed running.  I honestly almost started to cry.  No joke.

Of course I did not want my coworkers to see me like that so I pretended to wipe the sweat off my face and finished up my amazing morning run.

Natural Vinegar Uses
I’m embracing my slowness.

I know most people & animals could run a 7K in that time, but so what.  I bet they are not as pretty as me.  That set the tone for the whole day.

Natural Vinegar Uses
This is what I looked like when I went to bed last night.


Natural Vinegar Uses
This is what I looked like when I really woke up after my run. I might not look like it, but I was very happy.

Natural Vinegar Uses…finally I will get to the real topic of this post.  I know yall missed Soap Box Sunday.  It was put on the back burner so I could get some fun time in under the hot, close to the equator sun in Bali.

Being green is close to my heart so I always enjoy sharing tidbits of my baby steps towards hippyism.  Yes that is a word I made up.  Stay with me people.  :)  One major baby step I made in my home was to toss out all chemical cleaning products.  Well I did’t really toss them out.  That would be a waste.  I gave them to some people who are addicted to them and had no intentions on following in my foot steps.  Then I found new ways to be clean.

I will tell you there is something freeing about not being a slave to the chemical bottle.  I must save a gazillion dollars a year. You know I am exaggerating. :)  But I do save a lot.  One way I save and still get the clean I want is by using vinegar as my main cleaning product of choice.  It is inexpensive cheap & it works.  Now I won’t list all the ways it can be used because the word count is pretty high on this post already. I will say check out the link below. OH….. I also wanted to mention that vinegar is a natural mold killer.  And you thought only bleach did that.   😕

150 + uses of Vinegar  – This was posted on the Readers Digest Site

If you can’t figure out a way to incorporated vinegar as a cleaning product into your household after reading that article, then you are not ready to step into the green world. After reading that article, I knew I could not give the Natural Vinegar Uses justice.  So read the article.  If you are interested of course.  :)

That is all I am going to say about that.   Hey…

Have a Fantabulous Weekend

Natural Vinegar Uses
I’m stepping of my Soap Box

FYI, I made commenting a bit simpler.  I would love to hear what you think.  I Thank you all for stopping by and reading my diatribe.  :)

Your Clean Lotus Lizzy :)

Natural Vinegar Uses for your Cleaning Needs Question:

Do you use vinegar for anything other than cooking?

Are there any other food products you use to clean with?  I use lemons to clean the rust stains out of the steel sink.

FD185 – Eco Computer Usage… .Soap Box Sunday

Eco Computer Usage
I added the widget on computer to show the temps in Ubud. Look at that it is sunny skys.  OK on to the topic at hand..

Eco computer usage is lurking behind every computer screen and many people don’t see it for what it really is.  I know the first thing that comes to your mind is computers suck up so much power.  Well they do suck up power, but they are environmental activist as well in their own right.  Just by using your computer for many task you are secretly being a hippy activist.  I know you are dying to know what I know ,so here it is.

I think I would like to do a count down.  Let me see if I can think of 10 ways your/my computer can be eco friendly.

10. Reading online saves who knows how many trees.  You can read everything from your favorite magazines, books and newspapers.  What’s even better you can get instant gratification with instant delivery.

9. Eco Computer Usage includes watching your favorite movies via streaming.  I can’t stream where I am located now, but when I am in the states I do it all the time.  There goes that instant satisfaction again. Remember the days of going to the video store, wandering aimlessly around the aisles looking for a movie.  Or I can honestly say, looking back at what I did back then, was a waste of good time.

8. CD’s – Once a gain you can download music from so many online stores these days.  It is a wonder they even sell them in the stores anymore. You save time, green house gases from jumping in the car to go to the store and sometimes you can save money.  I think it is much cheaper to get music online.

Eco Computer Usage
You know ZB was waiting to here what the topic was for Soap Box Sunday was. He always listens to me.

7. Packaging for the above items.  Think about it.  Think of how much trouble it is to get in to the packaging  when you get a CD or Video.  It is super frustrating and for me…I throw it all a away. Thank goodness there are a few vendors that use eco-friendly packaging that you can recycle.

6.  I really wanted to say shopping online was a good eco computer usage idea, but in reality it is a double edged sword. That is because of the packaging, the  boxes, the fuel used.  This one I can’t endorse, although I am a huge online shopper.  :( Don’t hate me.  That is the only way I can the necessities these days.  At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

5. Video conferencing – Who needs to leave the house when you can see someone by video.  OK that is really not the way you want to live your life, but for doing business it is great.  Once again you reduce your carbon foot print by simply staying put.

4. Computer storage is a good eco computer usage item that tops the list.  It goes along with saving trees.  You can store so much on just your computer alone.  Some people don’t even need to go through the added hassle of purchasing additional storage device.  Too bad they don’t last forever.

Eco Computer Usage
Zombie Bear is always hogging the computer. It is a wonder I get any work done.

3. You can purchase green computers these days.  You many have a green computer.  Most people don’t give a crappy crap as to weather their computer is energy efficient. They just want what they want.  I did not realize how green my computer was until I looked up, sadly after I had already purchased it.  I win, its green.  :)

Here is an article on the MacBook Pro computers:

I am not advertising for apple, but they had the best explanation I could find on this topic.  At least that can give you a starting point for what you should look for if you are in the market for a new computer.

1. Just the fact that I can find so many ways of being more of a hippy than I already am makes me feel good about my eco computer usage.  I try to use my computer for good and not evil.

That’s it, There is no more.. And yes I skipped 2 because I was being lazy.  I wonder how many people will catch that.  :)

Magazine Recycling Soap Box
Soap Box Sunday

I am stepping off my soap box.

Your Green Boots Gal Lizzy :)

Eco Computer Usage Questions:

Can you think of any ways your computer is single handedly saving the world?

Is your computer green?

FD178 – Soap Box Sunday, Green Makeup Choices

Soap Box Sunday
All I want is world peace. I should have been a beauty Queen.

Soap Box Sunday first and then the Halloween party recap tomorrow.  I need to take a breather for those long “A” post.  Also I hate to miss an opportunity to stand on my soap box and show you how small changes can make an actual difference for your world.  I know because I attempt to live a greener life daily.  Sometimes I fail, but at least I can say I try and so can you.  :)

Sometimes people get defensive when you give them a green tip, even when it is not soap box Sunday. I didn’t say advice, I said a tip.  That usually means take or leave.  Why? Because then, they know deep down in their hearts that they will have to hold themselves accountable for their actions.  I know for me, I can’t justify using 15 pieces of paper towels when I know it is so much better to use one piece of cloth.  I am not judging others, just sharing “Life as I Live It”.  I’m just putting it out there. :)

I am always evaluating what I am doing as far as being environmental friendly and what I could do better.  No matter how many times I do this I always say to self “Self you don’t really do enough.”  Then as I take stock and I realize I do a lot, more than I think.  So for today’s post ( I know it took along time for me to get to the point) I wanted to talk about green makeup.

Soap Box Sunday

I have seriously been on the hunt for some earth friendly/skin friendly makeup.  I have an addition issue and that is of skin color.  The choices are already very limited and if you of African American descent there is even less to pick from.  I pretty much only wear lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara. When you are as beautiful as the lady in the picture above, you really don’t need anything, but I she likes a little color.  :) I have found that Burt’s bees makes a wonderful lip gloss.  The others I am still on the hunt for.  The point is I am looking.  Once I find what I am looking for I am going to make the switch.

How can you benefit from using eco-friendly makeup?  Or more unselfishly how can the world benefit?  Well it is all about the way the products we use are made.  Do you know that the lipstick industry uses a hug amount of petroleum products.  The making of petroleum products is very labor intensive on the earth resources, so to speak.  I know I don’t even use a whole tube of lipstick.  Believe it or not makeup does expire and goes rancid.

With that, I implore you to try to do a little.  There are all kinds of ways to make a huge difference. This is your time to reflect with me on Soap Box Sunday.

Here is a link to a great short article about lipstick ingredients (I promise I don’t use scare tactics) :) :

Secret Lipstick Ingredients Revealed, Your Perfect Shade Is… ‘Retinyl Palmitate Red’?, Are the undisclosed ingredients in lipstick bad for you?

Magazine Recycling Soap Box
Soap Box Sunday Over

I had planned on making this short.  It never really works that way for me for some reason.  I always think I have something good to say.  So now I am stepping of my Soap Box.

I hope you are having a green weekend in every way.  :)

Your Green Boots Gal Lizzy

Soap Box Sunday Question:

Have you considered using green makeup?

Do you think it is too much of a hassle to make the change?

FD172 – Magazine Recycling is Authorized Here…..Soap Box Sunday

This is all about magazine recycling, so up on my soap box I go.  I have been doing some reading, magazine reading.  I must admit, I love receiving magazines. I am always looking for ideas to do things better or decorate better or be a greener person.  Does magazine recycling count?  These days almost every magazine publisher has come on board with green material.  Now I can justify my magazine habits by stating that I am always looking for green ideas, however that statement would not be totally truthful.

Stack of Magazines
Magazine Love!

In order for me to indulge my magazine fetish, I had to think of a way to mitigate the whole “paper in the trash thing”.  There are certainly a couple of ways to do this.  Magazine recycling comes to mind.

I could make sure that each magazine gets put in the proper recycle bin. This option is not available for me, because there are no magazine recycling facilities where I work or any type of recycling facility for that matter. (Don’t forget I work in an underdeveloped country at this time) The next and best option is to donate those magazines after they have gone beyond their useful life while in my possession.  That is the best magazine recycling option in my opinion.  I put them in a public meeting spot or just share them with friends.   I make sure I tell my friends to pass them on when they are finished.  Most of the time that is not necessary, they already know what to do.

(Here is a link for additional magazine recycling – Tips for Recycling Magazines at Earth911)

I try NOT to be an over subscriber, but it is tough. There must be some 12 step program to get me unhooked, but I have not found one yet. So until then the Green Boots Gal will do her best to limit the number of magazines she receives and do some magazine recycling.

Magazine Recycling Magazine Reading
Share Your Magazines

P.S. If possible, don’t forget to recycle those gazillion, irritating, subscription cards that fall out of your magazines. Unfortunately, nobody wants those. They do make wonderful placeholders. :)

I am jumping off my soap Box.

Magazine Recycling Soap Box
Soap Box Sunday


Your Lurvly Lotus Lizzy  :)

Magazine Recycling Question?

What do you do with your magazines?

Can you think of other ways to do some magazine recycling?