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Running Motivation & Accountablity on Wednesday Rewind

Running Motivation & Accountablity on Wednesday Rewind

Running Motivation

Race 3 NTC 5K Series 2012

Running motivation is deep in my soul.  On most days anyway. :)

I love looking back in the past for Wednesday Rewind.  It gives me a clear understanding of how far I’ve come.  This was actually a post from last year this time.

I decided to pull it out of the Fantabulous Day Blog vault.  That was the blog name back in the day. :)  This gives me running motivation like nothing else.

Back before my 1/2 Marathon, I wrote…..

I have eyes on other running blogs and I also listen to several running podcast.  There I can find lots of running motivation.  Since one of my goals with this blog is to inspire others, I thought I would start posting my training for the week.

I do post my runs on my 1/2 at 6000 ft page (currently removed), but I wanted to also post a quick update weekly on the home page.

This is just another way for me to hold myself accountable and to also, hopefully, inspire others to get moving.

I write on this blog for accountability reasons as well.  I always say “If you say it out loud, then you have to follow through”.  :) Writing in a journal is one thing, but blogging is taking journalizing to a greater level.  I’m sure all bloggers would agree.

I’ve been know to start things and then get demotivated, but this time I’ve committed to the Disney 1/2 marathon and I’m all in, mind, body, and soul.  I already paid my hefty entrance fee and am really looking forward to doing the run.

Running Motivation

After lunch time run.

Any who…. here is my week in review:

My main goals I accomplished for this week:

15 miles, the goal was 20.9 mile.

Long run was 6+, the goal was 7+.  I am OK with this 6+  That was darn good for me.

That’s great running motivation for me.  Don’t you agree?

My focus was on form and running longer.  I had been running for 30 mins at lunch and I have extended that to 40 mins.  I have been going a bit slow, but I can usually get in about 3 miles at a time, which is good.

Another week down and one week closer to January 13th.

Running Motivation

I had only run a couple of miles so I was feeling pretty good. Had to get the photo op in with my signature peace signs.

This was written in August of 2012.  Now look at me.  The Disney 1/2 Marathon is well under my belt and I’ve other race events in my sights.  You can check out how I did from my Disney 1/2 marathon race report.  Don’t kill yourself laughing.  If I can run Disney anybody can.

Now thats running motivation for ya!

Your Motivated Runner

Lizzy :)

Running Motivation Questions:

What motivates you to get fit?

Do you have any big events coming up that you would like to share?

What were you doing this time last year?

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