FD244 – Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow | Yoga and Love ..Happy 2013 Valentines Day

2013 Valentines Day was better than I expected.  I am sure you are dying to know why.  Well here’s the story………

2013 Valentines Day began with Sun Salutations Yoga.  I have been performing all the bendy and twisty moves, well as much as my inflexible overweight body can stand for about 2 weeks now.  I have been really enjoying it and actually feeling stronger.

2013 Valentines Day
Awesome Yoga App

I have been really getting into my workouts lately and I’m so proud of myself.  In my opinion doing yoga is like loving myself.  As a matter of fact at the end of each session when I am lying in corpse pose I am repeating in my mind mantras of love.  Honestly…


2013 Valentines Day
This is Yoga.

This handsome gentleman was my driver the whole time I was in Bali.  He became my friend as well.  His nickname is Yoga.  I asked him why his friends called him that.  He said simply because he loved to meditate.

I asked him how he meditated.  He said he mostly thought about love.  Not as in relationships, but basically a way of life.  So now when I perform my yoga meditation I focus on love as well.  Isn’t that a beautiful way to meditate.  So doing yoga is a way for me to surround myself with love.

2013 Valentines Day
My flowers & I.

During our boring morning meeting my boss calls all the ladies to the front of the room.  He presented each of us with a huge bouquet of flowers.  I was surprised although I should not of been.  You know I am the one that gave them the money to purchase the flowers, with company funds of course.  Sometimes I am such a chicken head.

That was a great way to start 2013 Valentines Day Off.  I really was not expecting anything.  I’m not seeing or interested in anyone at this time.  That’s right gentlemen.

This lady is super single. :) :) :)

2013 Valentines Day
I found this at my desk.

OK, I was really surprised when I found this.  OH Whee….  Is it what I think?  Hell Yeah!

Ok, I’m trying to drop some pounds, but I don’t want to pass up any sweets.  Miguel was the person that left them.  If you have been following my blog, you know he is my Bestie right now.  I gave him a big ole hug.  He has such a kind heart.

2013 Valentines Day
Not my cake.

Not my cake, but it sure was pretty.  One of the guys received this from his honey.  So 2013 Valentines day was not a bust after all.  It actually was not bad.

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I hope you all are having a great day. :)

♥Happy 2013 Valentines Day♥

Your full of L♥ve Lizzy :)

2013 Valentines Day Question:

What do you think about Valentines Day?

Did something unexpected happen for you on this day of love?