Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Bad for You?

Sometimes it does not pay to think.

I’ve come to you with a question about High Fructose Corn Syrup.   But first the story behind the question.

About a year ago, I developed a fixation on the use or over use of high fructose corn syrup. Something seemed fishy about high fructose corn syrup.  I didn’t really give it much thought at the time.  I did however notice that it is in EVERYTHING and I do mean everything.

I challenge you to go in your fridge and cabinets to check out the ingredients on your food items.  Take note of how many products have high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup (which by the way is the same thing).

Now think about how much you consume.  How come manufactures of this marvelous stuff (sarcasm) don’t just list it as “a lot of sugar”.

Well,  it does make everything taste great.  I ain’t gonna lie. I do know that anything with -tose at the end of the word  is most likely a sugar substance.  Now I’m on a mission to rid my kitchen of high fructose corn syrup.

I did a little research and there is no scientific data that says it will kill you………

Of course there isn’t dummies.  You know all those oversight commissions are in with big money and government.

The large manufacturers of high fructose corn syrup are making a mint off of us.  At the same time I don’t think our health is of any concern in their business decisions.  I kind of like money too, but I have standards and morals.

The truth is consumers & big business have different types of ethics.  Oh well.  Sorry,  I don’t like talking politics, but you get where I’m going with this.

Where was I?

A few items from my kitchen with the bad stuff.

As I looked around my kitchen, I found high fructose corn syrup is in almost everything.  That alone is scary.  I don’t really go to bed dreaming about a blob of corn sugar coming to murder me at night, but it does make you think.

While I was performing my research, I came across this website which was all about giving corn syrup highkus.  That made me suspicious.  So I dug around on the site and I did have to dig a bit.

I should have guessed by all the corn syrup positivity being spread that the website that it was sponsored by some corn refiners association.  WOW!  AND there was a list of …you guessed it….the major manufacturers of this tasty stuff.

Of course, I’m not listing the website for obvious reasons. That is a gangster move for the corn refiners of AMERICAS. The dirty dogs!

Did you know high fructose corn syrup is 6 times sweeter than sugar cane.  I didn’t know that, but I believe it.  Everything super good and addictive usually has tons of sugar dumped on it or pumped inside of it.

I do love food.

Well here is an info-graphic that I dug up.  :) If you have a little bit of common sense, you don’t really need an info-graphic to state the obvious.


I’m not saying it’s bad for you or me, but too much sugar can’t be good for anybody.  Time to weed out the high fructose corn syrup and give my body something healthy.  I know…I’m walking a slippery slope.

I’m going to miss my ketchup.  Darn! :( I have to pick and choose my battles).

Your on a Mission Girl

Lizzy :)

Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Bad for You?

Did you already know that high fructose corn syrup was in so much stuff?

How do you feel about it?

Quick, Easy, Super Fresh, Homemade Natural Mouthwash

Natural Mouthwash1 One day I woke up and decided that I wanted to make a natural mouthwash that I felt comfortable using.  I wanted to be able to read the ingredients and really feel like I was taking care of my body in the most natural way.  So I did my research and I decide to make my very own natural mouthwash.

When I say easy, I mean easy to make.  All the ingredients are super easy to find. You may have most of them in your kitchen already.

Natural Mouthwash3

Lizzy’s Easy Natural Mouthwash

2 Tbs Baking Soda
1 Tbs Witch Hazel
1 Cup Aloe Vera Juice
1/2 Cup Distilled Water
20 Drops of Peppermint Oil

Utensils you’ll need (optional)
Empty container ( Don’t go out and buy anything)  Recycle people.  It ain’t that serious.
Measuring Spoons
Measuring Cups

Just in case you can’t view the video below, here is what you need to know….

There is no real rhyme or reason to the order that you put the ingredients into the container. I personally like to put the baking soda in 1st.  That’s if you’re using a funnel. Otherwise it will clog the spout.

Once you have everything all together, close your container and shake well.

That’s shaken not stirred.  :)  I just wanted to say that.  :)  Shaken, not stirred.  :)  You get it. Ha, Ha (I’m really laughing.)  OMG (Shaken Not Stirred Myth Buster Video)

Another thing you need to know is that the Aloe Vera juice should be refrigerated.  I only take out a days worth of mouthwash, because I don’t like to swish with cold mouthwash.  Don’t leave your mouthwash out for days, it could go rancid.

If you don’t like the fact that you have to keep it cold, you can always switch back to a non natural mouthwash.  One that will assuredly have tons of preservatives.  Which will have lots of …..bad…stuff in it.  Sorry…I had to stick that in.  I don’t want to be preach and I will never judge your mouthwash usage unless you have terribly bad breath.   :roll:

So here is a video showing, exactly how to make your own easy natural mouthwash.  Enjoy and let me know what you think by leaving a comment at the end of this post.  I will luv you forever.

Natural mouthwash is so easy to make and it makes you feel good too.

Your Fresh Lotus

Lizzy :)

Natural Mouthwash Questions:

How do you  feel about making your own natural mouthwash?

Have your ever given any thought about changing to a natural mouthwash?

Cleanup Your Act….10 Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits

Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits.  Say that 3 times, fast, while chewing bubble gum, jumping up and down and patting your head.  It can’t be done, so don’t try. :)

Green Cleaning Habits
Soap Box Sunday

I’m going to get straight to it on this Soap Box Sunday.  One thing I would like to say, and this is my own opinion, is that cleaning product manufactures are not your friends.  They don’t give a crap about you or your family.

They only care about you purchasing what they have to sell and purchasing a lot of it.  Haven’t you wondered why they don’t truly make one product you can use for everything.  It’s all about marketing people. They could do it if they wanted to, but where is the profit in that?  😕

One baby step, which by the way has saved me a ton of money, is to ditch the cleaning products.  I put all the products in a box and let my non-green friends and family take what they wanted.  I didn’t want to throw anything away.  That would be a waste and that was a couple of years ago.

Then I began my journey to make cleaning up my cleaning act.  Now days I use plant based products or make up my own concoctions to clean with.  So far I’ve been pretty happy with the results.

Green Cleaning Habits
My Microfiber Mop

10 Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits

  1. Stop the dirt from coming in or should I say slow it down.  How?   Leave your shoes at the door. There’s a lot of crap (literally coming in on them tootsies.  :)
  2. Consider using a plant based cleaner that you can truly use on every surface.  These products go a long way and one bottle of these type of cleaners take up a lot less room under the sink.
  3. I can’t say this enough.  Down with paper towels.  Use cloth napkins. I landed a bargain at an estate sale and purchased a few (about 20) for about 50¢ each. What a deal!
  4. Old throwaway clothes can be used as rags.  I cut them up and keep them in a bin for future use.  You won’t feel so bad if you need to toss them after use.
  5. Need clean air?  Make your own air freshener.  My nose is sensitive to heavy fragrances. I also know, when I smell those heavy scents, there are usually heavy chemicals drifting up my nostrils. Making your own can be done by simply adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to water. Put it in a spray bottle and you have instant air freshening that won’t singe your nose hairs.
  6. Floors can be cleaned with a simple broom and or a microfiber mop.  An example is the Starfiber StarMop Wet/Dry Microfiber Cleaning Kit The microfiber mop can be used on dry and wet surfaces.  Then you throw the cloths in the laundry basket once you are done.  They are reusable.
  7. Speaking of laundry, why not make your own laundry soap.  I did.  (Making your own laundry soap) This is truly a money saver.  Imagine not having to purchase laundry detergent for months.  Trust me you will want to look into this. The added benefit is knowing what it is made of.
  8. OK, toilet bowels do have stubborn stains and nasty germs.  All you need is 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar.  That’s it.  Let is set in the toilet for a bit and swish and scrub and it is a wrap.
  9. You can also make your own dishwasher soap with Borax and washing soda.  Money in your pocket, I would say.
  10. Consider washing laundry when you get a full load.  Keep in mind not everything needs to be washed after each use.  This will preserve the life of your washables.
Green Cleaning Habits
Purchased at an estate sale.

There you have it, 10 Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits.  I’ve tried them all, and they all work for me.  Don’t want to try them all?  That’s Ok.  Try one.  Baby step folks…..Baby steps   :)

Be Green Folks

Your Green Boot Gal

Liz Sign


Easy Inexpensive Green Cleaning Habits Questions:

Do you think you will try any of the tips above?

What’s your favorite green cleaning habit?

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What is Tofu? I got a Tofu Infographic and a Tofu-riffic Recipe to Share

What is Tofu? Tofu infographic to the rescue! :) Inquiring minds want to know.  Tofu has eluded my plate since…well forever.  Like most, I really haven’t thought much of those big blocks of white, mushy looking, whatever.

I gotta to tell ya that most of my vegetarian and vegan eating is really one big experiment.  Although it is an experiment, I’m still committed to the “no flesh” lifestyle.  That includes no fish.  I’ve finally given up the fish.

I’m continuously trying new recipes and really enjoying the ride.  Being an non conniver has really opened up a gazillion food options for me that I’m really loving.

I love to cook, so there is no issue with me whipping my own meals up.  I much prefer to make my own food rather than to go to a resturant  or a mystery kitchen.  Sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to do though.  Lots of social events are at those marvelous places and & I refuse to miss out on the fun. :)

There are a ton of tofu recipes in the veg/vegan universe.  But before I took the leap I needed more information. I needed to know, what is tofu?

Hence the tofu infographic and I LUV infographics.  :) Enjoy! This will answer the question of what is tofu.

What the Hell is Tofu?

Now that is alot of great info.  Everything you wanted to know in one shot.  I would kiss the infographic creator if I ever met him.  Maybe not…that could go a lot of different ways…nevermind that last statement.  :)

What is tofu
My Tofu-riffic Scramble. Looks like eggs huh?

My Tofu-riffic Scramble

(made before I found the infographic).

1/4 block of firm Tofu

1 TBS Tumeric

Optional ( You can use whatever you have in the fridge)

Roased Red Peppers




Mushrooms (I used baby bellas)

Salt & Pepper

Alright, it does not get any simpler than this.  You decide how much of each veggie you would like.  Veggies go a long way so you don’t need much.

Now – Fire up a pan and stir fry all your optional ingredients.  Once they are soften, crumble and throw in your tofu and Turmeric.  Once you feel your tofu is heated, you take it off the stove and plate it up.  That’s it.

[hr color=”light-gray” width=”50%” border_width=”50px” ]

I ate mine with more veggies which I lightly blanched, kale, carrots & cauliflower. The bacon looking item on the plate is hickory smoke tempeh.  I was surprised by the amazing flavors and egg like texture.  It was a winner for me.

I actually made some other tofu recipes and they came out FANTABULOUSLY! :)  (Shock & Awe) you say?  Yes they came out great and I will definitely be keeping tofu in my fridge as a staple for now on.

Your Newly Converted to Tofu

Lizzy :)

What is Tofu Questions:

Have you tried tofu?

What is your opinion of tofu?

Quick, Easy & Super Scrumptious Beet Chips

Beet Chips
I didn’t know I loved beets.

I know what your saying.  Really Beet Chips?  YES.  Lately I’ve been trying different things in the kitchen.  I had the hair brained idea to try foods or should I say vegetables that I wouldn’t otherwise have eaten in the past.

My Beet History…Really there wasn’t one.

As a kid I pretty much lived in what is now referred to as a food desert.  My mom only cooked a limited variety of food.  You know the whole meat and potatoes thing.  It was not until I grew up & moved away that I had access to the huge variety of vegetables that could be had in the US.  I was fed some over cooked, boiled to death beets a couple of times when I was young.  Let me tell you I was seriously unimpressed. Forget about beet chips.

Fast forward to today.  I now have access and the want to go and experience all there is to know about all the elusive veggitti out there.  (Yes I know that was a serious run on sentence and that veggitti is not really a word.)  English was never my best subject.  (Don’t tell all the foreign people I know.) Work with me people. :)

So today I made Beet Chips. I was inspired by the Food Network of course.  Beets must be in season right now, because there are tons or recipes out there.  Here is what I did. Baby steps and Simple are the key words here.

This is one medium beet root on the cookie sheet below.  Yeah it looks like a lot.


1 Beet Root – You can make as many as you like

Enough olive oil to coat the beet chips


Thats it!

Preheat your over to 425°

Beet Chips
Lay um out.

Step one is to cut the beets in to thin slices. Make sure you keep the leafy part.  It is also edible.  I used it in a juice, but you can also cook them.  Beets without the stems are also available for purchase in any store, but wheres the fun in buying them without the leaves.  Maximize your purchase folks.

Beet Chips
Oh Boy

You can use a mandolin or a food processor, but I just used a knife.  It was easy to cut.  If you don’t want your hands to turn red use a glove.  The juice from a beet is no joke so be careful where you cut them and protect whatever you are wearing.  I had an apron on. Don’t worry if your hands turn red.  It washes off pretty easily.

Next place beet chip slices on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.  I used unbleached parchment paper which you can find in any health food store. Make sure you place the beet chips flat and don’t overlap.

beet Chips
Lay all the beets flat.

Lightly oil all the chips. Don’t go overboard.  I find beets are pretty juicy even in chip form.  A little goes a long way.

Beet Chips
Time to season.

The color is absolutely beautiful.

Lightly salt your chips.  You actually could use other flavors to spice it up.  For this inaugural journey, I decided to just use salt.  Next time ,may be a different story.

Now you can place an additional cookie sheet on top to help them lay flat.  I didn’t, but I may try it in the future.

Place them in the over for about 15 – 20 mins. Keep an eye on them.  You don’t want them to burn.

Beet Chips
All Done.

They don’t look like much but they had a lot of flavor.  I tasted one, and then another and before you know it, I ate them all.

Now I am impressed.  They were actually good. This was a great snack.  There are many more ways I would like to try beets.  The beet chips were a hit for me. I give it a huge thumbs up.  I have expanded my pallet today.  Yeah! 😀 You got to try them.

Of course I wanted to give you all a bit more info on Beet Chips…I mean Beets.  :)

It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Potassium, and a very good source of Folate and Manganese.

Read More

Beet Chips
Provided by

Go out get you some beets.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

Your Beety Lizzy :)

Beet Chips Question:

Are beet chips already on your menu?

Other that beet chips, what are some other ways you incorporate beets in you diet?


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7 Inspiring Benefits to Having an Annual Checkup Gals & Guys

An annual Checkup should be on everyones list of to dos. So listen up.  I have been sitting on this post for awhile.  I actually had my annual checkup a couple of months ago.  I didn’t want to drop this post totally because it is so important.  I hate to admit it, but I am one of those stupid people who justifies not seeing a doctor because I’m afraid they are going to tell me I’m going to die.  😳

I have since come to the realization that most life threatening illness can be diverted if you catch them early. There were also some unknowing & unlikely bloggers who inspired me.

Annual Checkup
Stephanie does it for her mother.

There is Steph over at – Her mother pass away from cancer last year.  Steph is a big advocated of getting yourself checked out.

Annual Checkup
Early detection turned in to early prevention.

Then there is Lori over at .  She had a cancer scare and is making sure she gets checked up regularly. We actually hooked up for lunch and are working on some fun biking meet ups if the wheater decides to cooperate.

Annual Checkup
Says don’t be afraid.

Then there is Meghann over at Meals and Miles.  Meghann did a post on having a pap smear.  Bloggers all put it out there for the whole world.  That is inspiring for me anyway.

I want to stay healthy, so I plan on getting my annual checkups if I can.  I think I will start saving money for a body maintenance fun.  That way I can make sure I am doing the best I can to live as long as I can.

Annual Checkup
Pap all done.

7 Benefits to Having Annual Checkups

1. Find out if you have any problems early in the game. Early dedection could mean the difference to a long life.  I don’t know about you but I want to live and live positively.

2. Give yourself peace of mind. Although I did have my annual checkup, I still find myself obcessing sometimes over little things.  Those things can stress a person out. Then I think back to my annual checkup and know I asked all the right questions and had all the right test to be at peace.

3. You can’t fix it if you don’t know its broke. If your car was making strange noises wouldn’t you fix it?  That is if you knew about it.  There are so many things that go on under you body hood that you can’t see.  So lift up your hood and have a look.

4. You may get great news. I got a clean bill of health.  I was told I only needed to take in more vitamin D.  What a great feeling.

5. It’s better to be safe than sorry. What if you don’t have an annual check up?  If you are like me, you will continue to obsess about little unimportant things.  You many develop something life threatening.  If you are like me, you will think “Damn I wish I had that checked out early.” I’m all good though thank God.

6. Think of it as a oil change.  You wouldn’t dare miss one of those for your car because if you did it could break down in huge way.  The same goes for your body.  An annual checkup is a people oil change.

7. So your family can have you for as long as possible. (PERIOD!)

Annual Checkup
Don’t forget the dentist.

I don’t think the bloggers in the blogosphere really understand their influcance when it comes to matters like this.  Thanks for the inspiring me everyone. I hope this post adds value to someone else’s life when it comes to an annual checkup.

Now go get your annual checkup DAGNABIT!

Your Healthy Lizzy :)

Annual Checkup Questions:

Have you had your annual checkup?

Were you inspired by others to do so? 


FD264 – Weight Training Count Too

Weight Training
Those are 5 Lb weights. They look small, but do a bunch of reps and see how you feel.

I’m always looking for some ways to mix up my workouts.  Today I decided to get back to doing weight training.  I was mixing it up pretty good when I was in Afghanistan,but lost my momentum during my crazy travels.  It doesn’t take much for me to get thrown off kilter.  Cross training for a runner means resting your legs, to some extent.  That is a dirty word for most runners. They don’t want to rest, they want to run all the time.

My weight training includes some cardio as well.  Keep in mind, I’m no certified trainer, but I believe I can put together a training plan that works for me.  I think anyone can do it.  To get my cardio in and to get my heart rate up, I added in jumping jacks.  I really hate jumping, but I really need to ramp up my workouts a bit.

Here is the workout that I put together for myself.  Steal it if you like.  I don’t care.  It works great for me.

[gview file=””]

Also here is the training worksheet I use to track what I’m doing.  Once again, you can steal it if you like.  I don’t care.  :)

[gview file=””]

I have to say that the workout above was tough for me.  I only did 2 sets instead of 3.  Since I haven’t work with weights in a while, I wanted to gauge how I will fill tomorrow.  I know the feeling of debilitating soreness from doing too much.  I once did weights too heavy and couldn’t brush my teeth with my own arms and hands.  That sucked! :(  So don’t do too much too soon.

Weight Taining
I plan and record my workouts immediately.

I’m going to do this workout every other day.  I think that will be good for me.  If you are a personal trainer and would like to give me some tips, I’m down.  I would even love to interview you.

So everybody get moving, like I did today. :)

Your Bound to Have Muscles Someday Lizzy :)

Weight Training Questions:

How do you plan your workouts?

Do you record them in any way?


FD263 – Cross Training Elliptical Video + 7 More Elliptical Tips

Cross Training Elliptical
My Little Elliptical

I decided to do some cross training on the elliptical instead of running.  That’s right, cross training elliptical work.  Here I come.  I also decided to post a video on my YouTube channel which you can subscribe to receive updates.  Yeap, I’m enjoying the videos and I’m  getting darn good at editing.  I would say that, if you have a business and you want to do videos, pay someone else to edit them.  It’s a long process.  I’m on hobby time right now, so I can sit down and do nothing but play on the computer if I want.

I don’t want to sit down so much that my buns start spreading uncontrollably though.  :) Say it with me, again “cross training elliptical work here I come.) So part of my video journey is showing you guys, in real time, what the heck I do for fitness.  Sometimes it’s not possible to video, but I am doing what I can.  It is what it is.

Here’s the video and below is some additional elliptical tips and info.  Enjoy!


Some additional info on Cross Training Elliptical Workouts:

Cross Training Elliptical
When in Florida do as the Floridians do.
  1. You can set the levels or inclines to get a really good workout.  There is resistance levels which mimic inclines.  Personally I’m not a fan of inclines, but sometimes they are necessary.  :)
  2. You can also track your heart rate, which should be at a level appropriate for you to get your heart going.
  3. You can set use a preset program or set the controls on manual.
  4. Don’t be mislead by what you see written on the machine.  Your abilities will dictate what level you need to workout to.
  5. Understand the gym machines. Not all machines are created equal.
  6. Do wear the proper shoes.  I can just see some fool getting on the machine in flip flops.  It is Flip Flop Florida after all.  :)
  7. You should still warm up before going for it. It would really suck to pull some crazy muscle and not be able to run.

Don’t be intimidated by cross training elliptical work.  Go get you move on.  :)

You Cross Training Lizzy :)

Cross Training Elliptical Questions:

Do you use the Elliptical when you go to gym?

Are you intimidated by the monster gym machines?

What is your favorite machine? 

FD262 – Waking in California | Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

Every now and then I like to take on a challenge from The Daily Post.  The topic is feed your senses.  This one seem particularly interesting.  I was still in sunny California for my cousin’s graduation from San Diego University.  So Cool!  I don’t have a degree, but I wish I did.  Sometimes.  :)  I haven’t written anything about my journey to California, so here is a tidbit.

Waking Senses

Any who back to the challenge……… which was……

Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

by michelle w. on May 18, 2013

Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today. Pick the one you’re most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one you’re leastdrawn to.)

Photographers, show us one of the five senses — bonus points for depicting a smell!


Feed Your Senses
How many people wake up to the computer.

It is not unusual for me to wake up to the sight of my computer screen.  I don’t do it as much as I use to, but I still sleep with my computer in the bed sometimes.  I really do it a lot when I’m visiting people.  That is really the only time I get a chance to go on line.  That is my alone time and I don’t have to be worried about being rude.

Feed Your Senses
Can you smell the sea water?

Can you smell the sea water when you look at the picture?  Well me either.  :)  We are a bit inland, but the air is pretty smog free here. There are always nice breezes and the air is nice and crisp in the morning.

Last, but not least is the sounds.  I love the sound of wind chimes and that’s what I hear in the mornings hear in sunny California.  It has such a smooth and peaceful sound.  I could meditate with wind chimes. They are hanging out back on the party patio. Feed your senses is such a good topic.

That gives you a little taste of my recent trip, but I will be posting more for sure.

Your Lurvly Lotus Lizzy :)

Feed Your Senses Questions:

What do you sense when you wake up in the morning?

Do you need some coffee first to figure that out? :)

023 Fan Day Radio – Maintenance Madness Rant about Life


Fan Day Radio White BackgroundAre you one to take maintenance for granted?

Do you think maintenance is limited to your actual physical residence? What about your body and soul?

Todays topic will give you a bit of insight into what Liz considers maintenance for this episode of Fan Day RadioPodcast.

What’s discussed in this Episode

Fan Day Radio Podcast is a show for LizForADay hosted by Liz Hall.

It’s purpose is to share Health, Wellness, Travel & Fitness tips, to include tools to make your life better today than it was yesterday.

All this is shared in a podcasting format that you can listen to whenever you need some inspiration or a motivational lift.

In this episode, I  will discuss a

  1. Different types of maintenance.
  2. Podcasting from the car.
  3. Maintenance needed to keep things working.
  4. Moving your body as a part of maintenance.
  5. Eating for good maintenance.
  6. Getting away from the TV.
  7. Maintenance for Soul.
  8. Peace of Mind.
  9. Discussed vegetarian menu.
  10. Food storage.
  11. Sleep Schedule.

Mentioned links:

I would love to hear your feedback.  Enjoy the show!

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