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Orlando Neon Color Run 2013 Race Review

Orlando Neon Color Run 2013 Race Review

Orlando Neon Run 2013

That’s a sexy headband!

This is my Orlando Neon Color Run race review and it ain’t pretty.  I’m pretty but the review isn’t.

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted.  I have just been crazy busy.  Hopefully I will be even more crazy busy in the near future.  I haven’t been running much because of my new business, BUT I did run in the Orlando Neon Color Run last weekend.  It looked like fun when I originally signed up.  However I wasn’t feelin it.  So here is the back, front and middle story.

Orlando Neon Run 2013

Packet Pickup

I originally signed up when I saw a discount available on Groupons.  I could not resist.  I hadn’t done any events since I’ve been home from Afghanistan and was dying to get out there with my running people and get my run on.  As the Orlando Neon Color Run got closer,  I become less and less motivated.  I had paid my money and so I was going to run no matter what.

Orlando Neon Run 2013

Really nice race number.

The packet pick up was at Sports Authority which was a totally appropriate place to have it.  I was given my number, with the start time on the back, which was 8pm. They also gave out some chem lights, a headband and some neon paint.  That was nice.

So now I was ready, but still really not feeling excited.  I don’t know when or where it left me.  I enjoy events but not as much as I would like.  I really think it is because I can never find someone to participate with me.  I literally don’t run in those type of circles.  None of my friends run and they don’t want to.  They don’t even want to walk.  That really sucks.

I love running, but not in the events where I don’t have any support.  I just find it is no fun without friends.  I think that is why my Zombie Run in Kabul was my favorite.  I had my work family with me on that one and I loved it.  So any who….

Orlando Neon Run 2013

My me picture.

It was still hot, 82 freakin degrees at night.  Can you believe that.  I wasn’t really feeling good.  I was tired, my stomach hurt.  It kind of sucked.  It was only 2 miles.  I didn’t enjoy it at all.  Lord knows I tried, but I really didn’t.

Would I run it again.  Maybe with a friend.  No run buddy = no run event.

Other than my bad attitude here are some more important facts of this race:

  • Right off the bat they toss and spray color on you.
  • There is seriously thousands of people out there and the majority are walkers.
  • Most of the run was on grass, in the dark :(
  • You can tell this was not a true running event because people were standing in front of the water table chatting.  Also the water table was at the very beginning of the run.  That is crazy.

Heres some more photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My time was 30.05 min for 2 miles.  No surprise there.  Well next up is Run For Your Lives.  I will have a running/blogger buddy there.  Hopefully it will be more fun.

Your Neon Running Buddy Lizzy

Orlando Neon Color Run Questions:

Have you had runs you really didn’t enjoy?

Have you run in a color run?

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