Running Motivation & Accountablity on Wednesday Rewind

Running Motivation
Race 3 NTC 5K Series 2012

Running motivation is deep in my soul.  On most days anyway. :)

I love looking back in the past for Wednesday Rewind.  It gives me a clear understanding of how far I’ve come.  This was actually a post from last year this time.

I decided to pull it out of the Fantabulous Day Blog vault.  That was the blog name back in the day. :)  This gives me running motivation like nothing else.

Back before my 1/2 Marathon, I wrote…..

I have eyes on other running blogs and I also listen to several running podcast.  There I can find lots of running motivation.  Since one of my goals with this blog is to inspire others, I thought I would start posting my training for the week.

I do post my runs on my 1/2 at 6000 ft page (currently removed), but I wanted to also post a quick update weekly on the home page.

This is just another way for me to hold myself accountable and to also, hopefully, inspire others to get moving.

I write on this blog for accountability reasons as well.  I always say “If you say it out loud, then you have to follow through”.  :) Writing in a journal is one thing, but blogging is taking journalizing to a greater level.  I’m sure all bloggers would agree.

I’ve been know to start things and then get demotivated, but this time I’ve committed to the Disney 1/2 marathon and I’m all in, mind, body, and soul.  I already paid my hefty entrance fee and am really looking forward to doing the run.

Running Motivation
After lunch time run.

Any who…. here is my week in review:

My main goals I accomplished for this week:

15 miles, the goal was 20.9 mile.

Long run was 6+, the goal was 7+.  I am OK with this 6+  That was darn good for me.

That’s great running motivation for me.  Don’t you agree?

My focus was on form and running longer.  I had been running for 30 mins at lunch and I have extended that to 40 mins.  I have been going a bit slow, but I can usually get in about 3 miles at a time, which is good.

Another week down and one week closer to January 13th.

Running Motivation
I had only run a couple of miles so I was feeling pretty good. Had to get the photo op in with my signature peace signs.

This was written in August of 2012.  Now look at me.  The Disney 1/2 Marathon is well under my belt and I’ve other race events in my sights.  You can check out how I did from my Disney 1/2 marathon race report.  Don’t kill yourself laughing.  If I can run Disney anybody can.

Now thats running motivation for ya!

Your Motivated Runner

Lizzy :)

Running Motivation Questions:

What motivates you to get fit?

Do you have any big events coming up that you would like to share?

What were you doing this time last year?

FD235 – Hey I’m a Marathoner…..Disney 1/2 Marathon Race Report

Disney 1/2 Marthon
Yeap….I’m a Marathoner!

What better place to get your first medal than the Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary 1/2 Marathon.  Finally my Disney 1/2 Marathon race report.  I know you all have been waiting patiently to hear how my race went.  It was FANTABULOUS!

I Did It!

I only had 3 wonderful goals:

  1. Start – Which was Easy 
  2. Finish- It was Damn Hard
  3. Not be Last – It was close, but I managed to out run/walk the old decrepit and maimed racers.

How shall I begin. Warning…this is probably going to be a long one folks.  I don’t want to leave anything out.  :)  You know me.  Me Me Me!

The Disney 1/2 Marathon sign up: 

Of course Disney made it ubber easy to register and get all the paperwork you needed before the race.  I already knew what my race number would be and I had maps, instructions, everything to get to where I needed to be.

You can read about my discision to originally run the Disney 1/2 Marathon at My Signup . I did it all from Afghanistan.

Disney 1/2 Marathon
Race Packet Paper Work

I traveled from the far ends of the earth just for this race.  Well from Afghanistan where I am working, living and running.  I had just been on R&R 30 days earlier in Sunny Bali, Indonesia , but who couldn’t use two vacations back to back.  As with any race I had to do a bag or race packet pickup.  That guess that helps to build the excitement for the runners.

Race Packet Pickup for the Disney 1/2 Marathon:

All runners for the Disney Run Weekend were required to attend the Disney Health & Fitness Expo. It was more like a trade show if you ask me.  That was ok, but I felt a bit mislead.  That’s OK, I guess that is how the real runners in the running community roll and I am a real runner. :)

Let me say, the volunteers there are wonderful, but it was a cluster “F*&(“.  OMG.  This was a definite con for me. First I was directed to the last place I was suppose to go.  That place had a line that I can’t even explain how long it was.

I don’t think I have ever been in a line that long. Then I finally got to the correct place after being told to go back to the same long line.  Any who I finally got everything I needed.

The packet pickup basically was some small brochure type books with info in them.  It was mostly advertising.  My bib with all kinds of chip stuff on the back.  Very cool.  My number:


When I originally saw my number I was thinking “Damn, it is going to be a lot of people in this race.”  Which was not the case.  I also got a clear bag that had a yellow tech shirt which was very nice and a sticker with my number on it.

I had no idea what to do with that stuff.  I found out race morning that the bag was to put your things in to store while you race you buns off.  The sticker was to stick on the bag.  I’m sure it was in the instructions somewhere.

However, I just knew I liked the shirt.  Since I was at the Expo, I decided to pickup a few items from the Track Shack (my favorite local running specialty store) who had a presence there.

I got some nice socks for the run and a handheld water bottle, which I forgot and left at home. :( You can view the items at the end of the post where I mention The Swag.

Shinny Things & Pictures for My 1st Disney 1/2 Marathon:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me just say, it doesn’t take much to amaze me.  I’m just simple runner folk.  You know I saw shinny things everywhere, metaphorically speaking of course.  I didn’t think I would have many pictures, since I was by myself but it worked out great thanks to the awesomeness of high tech gadgetry at Disney.

One reason that I didn’t think I would have enough pictures is because I had sweated on my phone so much, I was unable to take pictures by mile 2.  I was very disappointed since this was my first race.  Oh well, Disney saved the day.  Read on……

I knew the race would be chipped, so I didn’t worry about the time.  I did however wear my trusty Nike Plus Watch.  I love that watch.  There were several ginormous clocks all through the race route.

As a newby it took me a while to figure out that the time on the clock started when the first runner ran across the start line.  Duh. I didn’t figure it out until I got home. I just kept thinking man I am way slower than I thought, which was not the case at all.

My thoughts during the Disney 1/2 Marathon and finally some more photos:

One thing I failed to mention was the weather.  It was absolutely perfect.  I got to the course at about 6am and it was about 45°.  By the end of the race it was in the mid 70’s.

Pictures say it all.

Disney 1/2 Marathon
I had only run a couple of miles so I was feeling pretty good. Had to get the photo op in with my signature peace signs.
Disney 1/2 Marathon
Around Mile 5 I started getting hungry. Yikes!
Disney 1/2 Marathon
Mile 7 I ran out of the will to run. Oh & at mile 8 my feet started hurting.  Uh Oh. I ignored them and kept on going.

3 Second Rule out the Window and a lonely Cliff Bar Story:

Mile 9 I was darn hungry.  I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast.  Can you say  BIG Mistake. All I can say as we, now walkers, walked and some limped down the lonely abandon highway, I saw what looked like a Cliff Bar on the ground.

My mind said “Don’t worry about the 3 second rule, pick it up fool, you need energy.”

Now keep in mine that there was bar station set up, but unfortunate they were on empty when my group got there.  That sucked.  I was really hungry.  You know us real runners expend so much energy.   :)  Any way that Cliff bar on the ground looked pretty good.

The only reason I didn’t pick it up was because I was afraid one of the other zombies would take it from me.  I can’t fight so that would have been a wrap. RIP Cliff Bar, RIP.  I know somebody picked it up.  I would bet money on it and I don’t gamble.

Wake Up Call…When Muscles Attack!

Disney 1/2 Marathon
Mile 11 – Butt Cramp Alert!

My gluts seized up on me at mile 11.  I was going up a hill when it struck me.  OMG.  This almost took me out of the race. I’m now the poster child for squats.  Do your squats guys & gals. My ASS hurt for 2 days after the race from my glut seizure.

I knew I had to go on, but in my mind I was saying God save me.  I had tears in my eyes.  I’d come too far to quit.  Now I really was looking and walking like a zombie.  I had 2.1 miles left.  That may as well of been another 13.1 miles.

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings and I was keeping my mouth shut.

The Finish!

Disney 1/2 Marathon
I managed to drag myself to the finish. Can somebody give me a chair and some food.

Now that was Darn Hard! But…..I’m so glad I did it.  When I was dragging one leg, looking for the finish line, I was saying to myself “Never Again. And don’t even ask me to do a full marathon.”

I don’t have a finish photo, but I have video.  I just don’t have access to post it yet.  Sorry.  I was look pretty burnt out.  I don’t know how people can be so happy at the end.  I was so darn tired.

Afterward I got my medal, posed for my finisher photo, got me a food box and 2 bananas. I told that volunteer I was hungry, so they hooked me up.  I found a wet, dirty corner of gravel to sit in.  At that point I didn’t give a darn where I sat, I just wanted to rest.

This kind lady asked if I wanted some ice.  I accepted and placed two bags squarely on ……you guessed it….my behind.  It felt so good.  Then it was time to walk about a mile to my car in zombieisk fashion of course.

Fast forward to today….would I do it again….HELL Yeah!  I will make sure I do my squats this time.  Whoooa! Come on, who wouldn’t want to run Disney.

More Pics form the Disney 1/2 Marathon:

More pics…coutsey of disney and the wonder chip under my number.  Technology is so amazing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Not too shabby for me, if I do say so myself! :)  Click on the images to enlarge.

How do I feel about the results? Great, I did better than I expected in the end.  I felt like mud by the end.  I originally planned on a time goal of 3:15 mins.  So I am OK with the results since this was my first Disney 1/2 Marathon.  I would give it 2 thumbs up and call it a win.

The Swag

Disney 1/2 Marathon
The Swag

I got my number, a tech shirt & my awesome Medal.  Out of 4 races I have done, I got 3 T-shirts and this is my very 1st medal.

I was also able to go online and order additional pictures and video of yours truly. I got my race results immediately and downloaded a race certificate.  That is quite a bit of loot even if I had to pay for it.  It is all well worth it.

Final Note

As I walked through the parking lot or should I say as a stammer to my car I looked at my medal with pride.  I did it! I said to myself “You deserve this medal & you ARE a real runner.”

Now that is a race report I can live with.

Run Liz Run!

How did you feel about your first medal?

Have I inspired you to go for it and run a race?

What is the furthest you have run?

Fan Day Radio #20 – Blog Organization, Travel Pages, Running Outside, Friendly Motivation (Guilt Trip Exercise Partners), Run Liz Run Training Update


Show Notes

Click the Link below to Listen.   Be Motivated and Inspired.

Fan Day Radio #20 – Blog Organization, Travel Pages, Running Outside, Friendly Motivation (Guilt Trip Exercise Partners), Run Liz Run Training Update

Click Here to Listen

Nike + Watch

 Blog Organization, Travel Pages, Running Outside, Friendly Motivation (Guilt Trip Exercise Partners), Run Liz Run Training Update

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FD131- Running Alone & An Unexpected Invite

Flower Shop in Levorno, Italy

My company has people working all over Afghanistan and every once in awhile I actually get to meet the people that I am in communication with.  One of those people is John who I only get to see for a short time every now and then.  All my coworkers know about my Disney 1/2 Marathon training.  I did that on purpose for accountability purposes of course.

Once you say things out loud you are automatically held accountable.  It is like they are all counting on me to make the goals that I have set:

Start……………….Finish………………………Not be Last  :)

My friends here are always asking “How many miles?”  I enjoy sharing my life with them.  Anyway John gave me an invite to run with him next time he comes through.  I thought that was awesome.  I immediately accepted, but then……the dread set in.

John is an grownup runner and I am a baby runner.  How am I going to keep up with him?  I sent him an email back to let him know that I would run with him, but I am very slow.  He told me not to worry about that, he would run at my pace.

I like John.  That made me feel at easy and I am really looking forward to our run.  I have never run with anyone before, so I think I would really enjoy it.  I will let you all know once we have our quality time/quality run together.

Thanks John for the invite. :)

Your Lotus Lizzy :)

Fan Day Radio #19 – Olympic Spirit, Mileage Milestones, The Taliban Treadmill, Mason Bees, Chilly Pad Gear Bag Review


Show Notes

Click the Link below to Listen.   Be Motivated and Inspired.

FanDay Radio #19 – Olympic Spirit, Mileage Milestones, The Taliban Treadmill, Mason Bees, Chilly Pad Gear Bag Review

Chilly Pad

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel

Liz’s Training Schedule

Liz’s Fantabulous Day Podcast



FD126 – WOW, Finally the Big 20! Go Liz Go!

I finally made it to 20 miles in one week.  I have been focusing on running longer and not so much on faster.  I have actually really been enjoying my runs.  Although I took a tumble, I still feel good about my training on the treadmill.

Of course I was doing some funky math so the original goal was 20.82.  I did 20.81.   I like to be honest with my numbers.  I still have all of today to make that .01 mile up, but seriously what would be the point.  I am good with the outcome.

Eventually my goal will be to run 25 miles per week.  I don’t know if I will keep that up after the Disney Half is over, but I will try to keep my miles up.  As you can also see I am down to 4 months until the actual run.  Every time that count down changes my stomach does some loops.  I am thinking to myself how in the world will I be able to make 13 miles?  My furthest long run to date is 6+ miles.  I am almost half way.

I will do the best that I can.  Wish me luck.  I am so proud of myself.

Go Liz Go!  :)

FD122 – Elite Athletes, Overrated Sleep and Staying Focused

Elite Athletes Run Like a Kenyan
Simon Says!

All elite athletes have a coach and coach Simon gave me this picture.  I guess you want to know who coach Simon is?  Well he is my coworker.

Elite Athletes
Coach Simon

I decided to make him my coach after he sent me the picture above.  Simon is from Kenya and the only place he runs is to the dinning facility if he wants to make it there before it closes.  :)

That is his contribution to my Disney ½ Marathon training.  He also reminds me constantly that I need to drink water.  I’m horrible at reminding myself to do it, so I welcome his constant nagging and advice.

I Wuv You Simon for caring about my well being. :) I guess most elite athletes have someone that cares about their physical well being.

I must say things have been very quite here in the Fantabulous world of Lizzy.  I have been doing minimal workouts and watching as much of the Olympics as possible in the wee hours before I pass out and the morning hours between wake up and work time.

Elite Athletes
Sleep is overrated, unless you are a kid.

I love watching the elite athletes do their thing.  I have actually been losing sleep because of the different time zones.  I’ve had the hardest time keeping up with the schedules.  Oh well, sleep is so over rated………..NOT! I do love my sleep.  I am not going to lie.  I can barely keep my eyes open after a certain time of night.  I guess that comes with age.

Can you imagine doing nothing but training everyday.  That is what those elite athletes put up with day in and day out.  You could never have a bad day or be lazy if you were and elite athlete.

Why?  Because your country is depending on you.  That must be incredibly stressful.  In any case these people are amazing.  Here I am in the mist of my Disney half marathon training and I decide I just don’t want to workout.  I am totally not motivated. Don’t get me wrong, I am still training, just slower than normal.

Any who I am not kicking myself in the butt.  I’m just saying……  I don’t feel stressed at all.  I am not running the marathon for anyone else but myself.  I don’t want any stress so I am staying focused on my three goals:



Not be Last!

That’s easy………………….Right? Not if you are one of the  elite athletes,  it isn’t.

Your Laid Back Lotus Lizzy  :)

Elite Athletes Question:

What is or was your favorite Olympic sport?   I am down with the runners right now.  :)

FD117 – Same Thang…..Stupid Me, What Was I Thinking?….Same Result


Yesterday was my day off.  Me being me…I thought of how I could be productive, even on my day off.  The operative word is “thought”.  I really didn’t want to do anything.  I started my day off with the breakfast of real champs, pizza.  I love pizza.  I always have pizza left over from Thursday’s movie night.

I hate to waste food and I hate to miss breakfast so into the microwave the pizza went.  No, don’t let the picture fool you.  I never have just one piece of pizza unless that is all there is.  It was sooooo good.  I love left over pizza.  It is not as good as pizza in the states, but it is not too shabby.

Yesterday was also my long run day.  I drug myself to the gym.  Usually once I put my running shoes on I know I am GTG.  That means good to go.  I don’t even listen to any excuses that run through my head at that point.  I started the run and MAN…my legs started hurting like crazy, AGAIN!  I just couldn’t figure out what the problem was, but I really wanted to get some miles in.  I always tell myself, “Self, you can not finish if you don’t start.”

So I decided to slow down just so I could get through the run.  Guess what?  The pain went away after a couple of minutes.  Now I knew the answer, “Slow down you  fool!”  The problem has been that I was trying to go too fast.  I usually jump on the treadmill at my top speed and try to maintain that for the duration.  That is kind of disappointing, because I really want to be faster.  I feel like I am running so slow.  I guess it is what it is.  I guess I have to be patient and run super slow for now and gradually build up my speed.

I always wonder about the stories I read where people are 300 lbs and decide to be a runner.  Within months they are running at sub 10 minute miles.  How do they do that?  I may be exaggerating a bit about the 300 lbs, but you know what I mean.  There is always some miraculous story like that in one of those running magazines, which by the way I love. (Magazine Junkie I am)

I know it will be alright.  I will still continue to push forward and get faster, if that is at all possible.

So……..The moral of the story is……

What I do everyday – Try to run faster – The Same Thing

What happens every time – I am gimping along on the treadmill, trying to run through the pain. – Same Results

What I finally did different – Slowed down – Different results and a much happier Lotus Blossom.

Lesson learned – Don’t try to do the same thing and expect something different.  I must say once I slowed down the run was much more pleasant.   This is a lesson that can apply  to anything in life I suppose.

My goal was 5.33 miles and I ran 5.49.  That’s another win.  YEAH!

Your Lurvly Lotus Blossom

Lizzy :)

FD116 – Movie Night & Some More 100 Congrats

Battlefield LA

OK last nights movie pick was Battlefield LA.  Of course the guys have been picking the movies.  It is OK, because I like action also and I don’t want them seeing me cry over some sappy romantic movie (which I love by the way).  I have seen this movie before, but I enjoyed it anyway.  It is really good.  I won’t bore you with the details.  Besides  I am no movie reviewer.

We had pizza to celebrate my 100 miles, but the team just did not know it.  They just wanted their pizza.  Here are some more congrats to me.  I promise this is it.  :)

Parvez, Me & Mustafa Afghan, US, Afghan
Parvez, Me & Mustafa
Afghan, US, Afghan

These guys do an awesome job for the whole company.  Thanks!

Ray Thanks! US
Ray Thanks!

Ray is in and out, so I was surprised to catch him.

Tom US

Tom never has anything good to say, unless he is talking to me, because he loves me so much.  Right Tom? :)

Mr. Azizula & Khyber
Mr. Azizula & Khyber

John US

John has done an iron man and he runs like nobody’s business.  I want to be like him when I grow up.  Thanks John.

Johann South Africa
South Africa

Johann is new to the team.  He always thinks he is bugging me, but he isn’t.  Besides he is always feeding me candy.   I like candy even if my thighs don’t.  :)

Carl US

Karl is a super active guy and darn smart to boot.  I could learn a lot from him. Thxs!

Mike US

Mike would be the quite one on the team if I did not bug him so much.  Thanks Mike!

Brent US

Isn’t that a good picture of Brent.  We like the happy Brent.  He is another monster runner.  Oh my..if only I could run that fast.  Thanks Brent. :)

Lanny US

Thanks for the thumbs up Lanny.  He would not let me take the picture until I told him what it was for.  Some people always got to give you a hard time.

Shaw Mug 2 100

Sean US
Can you say mug shot?
Can you say mug shot?

OK this one …what can I say.  He is having flash backs from his younger days.  Thanks Sean.

OK That's It
OK That’s It

I hope you all enjoyed the photos.

You Lurvly Lizzy :)

FD115 – 100 Mile Milestone – Yeah! The Big 100…Congrats are in Order

Yeah! 100 Miles
Yeah! 100 Miles

100 mile milestones don’t happen everyday at LizForADay.  I have been tracking my progress religiously.  From the beginning of May until yesterday.  You can always view little ole me running toward the flower on the right.  I can’t believe I finally made it to 100.  It was not easy and believe me I am feeling it.  I always thank God for giving me the capacity to be able to even walk.  Next I just wanted to thank the people that I work and live with.  They see me everyday trudging to the gym and they always give me a thumbs up.  Of course there are some that did not make the photo op, but I thank them too.

Jon, Ann, & George All US in the House
Jon, Ann, & George
All US in the House

George is actually my unsaid lunch time workout buddy.  He is a elliptical monster!  Thanks for the congrats on the 100 mile milestone!

Simon & Nawid Representing Kenya & Afghanistan
Simon & Nawid
Representing Kenya & Afghanistan

Simon and Nawid have to listen to me whine all day about my sore body, because they are working in my office.  Sorry, but thanks for the support anyway.  :)

Obidullah Representing Afghanistan
Representing Afghanistan


Zeta, Obid, Walter (The Boss of Logistics), Chan Representing Kosovo, Afghanistan, US, India
Zeta, Obid, Walter (The Boss of Logistics), Chan
Representing Kosovo, Afghanistan, US, India


Of course Walt says “That’s all you did?”  Got to love that guy.  He sure knows how to crack the whip on the way to my 100 Mile Milestone!

Dannie, Dino (Representing South Africa)
Dannie, Dino (Representing South Africa)

I call these two guys my South African buddies.  They were so excited for me.  I love yall!

Juan Representing US or is that Peru?
Representing US or is that Peru?

Juan is the boss, when the boss is out.  So when he is not the boss, I affectionately call him X (for ex-Boss).  You get it.  Thanks Juan.  I love working with you.

Khyber & Chris Representing Afghanistan & US
Khyber & Chris
Representing Afghanistan & US

Chris threatened my life…..again….for taking his picture.  I don’t know why he does not like taking pictures.  He is so darn cute.  :)

Hasseb My Model for Pictures (Afghanistan)
My Model for Pictures (Afghanistan)

Hasseb was suprised at the big 100, but I don’t think that is what he was concerned about.  His thinking is “Anything for a photo.”  :)  Just kidding.  Thanks Hasseb for the well wishes on my 100 Mile Milestone.

Frank Representing US
Representing US

Frank is the gadget guy.  He had to give me a hand to get my photos off the camera.  I did something funky, but we got it fixed.  Thanks Frank!

That's 160 km!
That’s 160 km!

Even though I am in pain right now, I am looking forward to the next 100.  I guess you could call that a baby step to my first half marathon.  THANKS EVERYONE for joining in my madness.

5 months to go and a gazillion more miles.

Your Baby Runner & Lurvly Lotus Blossom Lizzy :)

100 Mile Milestone questions:

How did you feel when you reached 100 miles?

What is your most exciting milestone?