Quick, Easy & Super Scrumptious Beet Chips

Beet Chips
I didn’t know I loved beets.

I know what your saying.  Really Beet Chips?  YES.  Lately I’ve been trying different things in the kitchen.  I had the hair brained idea to try foods or should I say vegetables that I wouldn’t otherwise have eaten in the past.

My Beet History…Really there wasn’t one.

As a kid I pretty much lived in what is now referred to as a food desert.  My mom only cooked a limited variety of food.  You know the whole meat and potatoes thing.  It was not until I grew up & moved away that I had access to the huge variety of vegetables that could be had in the US.  I was fed some over cooked, boiled to death beets a couple of times when I was young.  Let me tell you I was seriously unimpressed. Forget about beet chips.

Fast forward to today.  I now have access and the want to go and experience all there is to know about all the elusive veggitti out there.  (Yes I know that was a serious run on sentence and that veggitti is not really a word.)  English was never my best subject.  (Don’t tell all the foreign people I know.) Work with me people. :)

So today I made Beet Chips. I was inspired by the Food Network of course.  Beets must be in season right now, because there are tons or recipes out there.  Here is what I did. Baby steps and Simple are the key words here.

This is one medium beet root on the cookie sheet below.  Yeah it looks like a lot.


1 Beet Root – You can make as many as you like

Enough olive oil to coat the beet chips


Thats it!

Preheat your over to 425°

Beet Chips
Lay um out.

Step one is to cut the beets in to thin slices. Make sure you keep the leafy part.  It is also edible.  I used it in a juice, but you can also cook them.  Beets without the stems are also available for purchase in any store, but wheres the fun in buying them without the leaves.  Maximize your purchase folks.

Beet Chips
Oh Boy

You can use a mandolin or a food processor, but I just used a knife.  It was easy to cut.  If you don’t want your hands to turn red use a glove.  The juice from a beet is no joke so be careful where you cut them and protect whatever you are wearing.  I had an apron on. Don’t worry if your hands turn red.  It washes off pretty easily.

Next place beet chip slices on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.  I used unbleached parchment paper which you can find in any health food store. Make sure you place the beet chips flat and don’t overlap.

beet Chips
Lay all the beets flat.

Lightly oil all the chips. Don’t go overboard.  I find beets are pretty juicy even in chip form.  A little goes a long way.

Beet Chips
Time to season.

The color is absolutely beautiful.

Lightly salt your chips.  You actually could use other flavors to spice it up.  For this inaugural journey, I decided to just use salt.  Next time ,may be a different story.

Now you can place an additional cookie sheet on top to help them lay flat.  I didn’t, but I may try it in the future.

Place them in the over for about 15 – 20 mins. Keep an eye on them.  You don’t want them to burn.

Beet Chips
All Done.

They don’t look like much but they had a lot of flavor.  I tasted one, and then another and before you know it, I ate them all.

Now I am impressed.  They were actually good. This was a great snack.  There are many more ways I would like to try beets.  The beet chips were a hit for me. I give it a huge thumbs up.  I have expanded my pallet today.  Yeah! 😀 You got to try them.

Of course I wanted to give you all a bit more info on Beet Chips…I mean Beets.  :)

It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Potassium, and a very good source of Folate and Manganese.

Read More http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2349/2#ixzz2ZD3cng4R

Beet Chips
Provided by Justaddgoodstuff.com

Go out get you some beets.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

Your Beety Lizzy :)

Beet Chips Question:

Are beet chips already on your menu?

Other that beet chips, what are some other ways you incorporate beets in you diet?


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    Kristen Kelly – I love to do Kale chips. My spice blend is onion powder, garlic powder, ground coriander, cayenne, and salt. So tasty!
    2 minutes ago · Unlike · 1 – Posed from Facebook Page. I wanted to remember the recipe. :)

  2. says

    I never thought about beet chips. I love beets. For some reason I thought you needed a dehydrator to make chips. Thanks.

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