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I got 5 Fitness Podcast ideas to help motivate you to workout.  Well I know what you’re saying. Just what is a fitness podcast?  Here’s the definition I found on Dictionary.com for podcast.



[pod-kast, ‐kahst]  Show IPA Digital Technology .



a digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a Web site to a media player or computer: Download or subscribe to daily, one-hour podcasts of our radio show.
verb (used without object), verb (used with object)


to record and upload as a podcast: He podcasts once a week on various topics. She podcasts her lectures.


Fitness Podcast
Podcast Studio

Really my definition….simply…a mini radio show, something to help me kill time and keep me in the know.  I love to be informed.  That sounded smart didn’t it? :) Add the fitness to the fitness podcast and you have a mini radio show about fitness.

Most podcast can be played on a number of various platforms.  Android, Apple, etc.  You can download How to Subscribe Using iTunes. If you subscribe to any given podcast, you will automatically receive updates as they become available.  That is really cool. It’s a no brainer.

On to the good stuff and the 5 fitness podcast I enjoy & the ones that can motivate you too.

Running at the Center of the Universe– This podcast is hosted by Ashland Dave.  He is an avid runner who luvs ultras.  I luv his laid back style of podcasting.  It always inspires me to continue running.  The run time is around 45min which is great for a run or walk.

Fitness Podcasst
Running with Pack, All about running.

Running with the Pack – this is my favorite running podcast.  It is basically all things running.  The host are Allen Gorkey & Stevie Roco.  I love this show. This was actually the very first audio podcast I ever listened to. This fitness podcast runs around 35 – 45 min.

Fitness Podcast
Jillian Michaels Show for Weight Training day.

The Jillian Michaels Show – Everybody knows Jillian. She is her normal in your face trainer. She talks a lot about her children now that she has adopted two.  It is still a very good fitness podcast & also entertaining.  It runs around 45 minutes.

Iron Brandon– Iron Brandon’s podcast studio is in the mile high state.  So you get to hear from a fitness expert who trains in high altitudes.  I believe his show is sponsored by Newton shoe company, but he does not overly advertise for them.  As the name imply Brandon’s expertise is Ironman training.  His fitness podcast runs about 30 -45 minutes.

Fitness Podcast
Have Yoga Mat will travel.

Namesta Yoga – This is the only video fitness podcast I watch.  It was one of the first video podcast I downloaded also.  It is hosted by Melissa West who runs a pretty comprehensive yoga site.  She always has great information about all things yoga.  Her fitness podcast runs about 60 min.  You have to carve out some time for this one.


Fitness Podcast
Fan Day Radio Podcast

Honorable Mention – Fan Day Radio – This fitness podcast is hosted by yours truly, ME! :)  I don’t know if I could truly call it a fitness podcast.  It is more of a random thoughts podcast on most days.  The run time for the fitness podcast is around 20-30 min.

In any case you will really enjoy and be inspired by the podcast above.  Go ahead and give them a shot, enjoy and be inspired & motivated.  :) All podcast are free…period!

Your Listening Lotus Lizzy :)

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